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The University of Dole was founded in 1422 by Philip the Good of Burgundy in Dole, France, and was a leading university in western Europe, historically notable for its teaching of canon and civil law. It operated as a student run university on the Bologna model.

In 1613 the college of teachers at the University sent a formal deputy to the archdukes in Brussels, seeking to convert the University to a Magisteruniversität such as at Louvain and Douai. The archdukes issued edicts (1616-1618) with that intent, but the students would not have it, overtly repudiated the edicts, and boycotted the university.[1] It is probable that the edicts were never enforced.

In 1678 when Louis XIV conquered the region; he shifted the university from Dole to Besançon where its successor is now known as the University of Franche-Comté.

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