University of Florida Center for African Studies

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University of Florida Center for
African Studies
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Dean Abraham C. Goldman
Location Gainesville, Florida, USA

University of Florida Center for African Studies (CAS) is a center within of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida. The Center provides teaching and research into issues of African languages, humanities, social sciences, agriculture, business, engineering, education, fine arts, environmental studies, conservation, journalism, and law.[1]

The Center for African Studies currently offers undergraduate and postgraduate study programs in numerous Africa-related fields.[2]


The Center is charged with addressing issues that are vital for contextualizing Africa in the global context. The University of Florida is striving to enhance its international dimension, and a major component of the Center for African Studies' mission is to work with the rest of the University to promote Africa-related programs in the curriculums and around campus.[3]

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