University of Georgia (Tbilisi)

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University of Georgia
University of Georgia, Tbilisi (emblem).jpg
University of Georgia logo
Type Private
Established 2004
Chancellor Manana Sanadze
Location Tbilisi, Georgia
Colours      UG Red

The University of Georgia (Georgian: საქართველოს უნივერსიტეტი, translit.: sakartvelos universit'et'i) is a university founded in 2002 in Tbilisi, Georgia.


At the end of 2002, two professors from Tbilisi State University and Georgian Technical University, Giuli Alasania and Manana Sanadze, decided to set up a Centre for American Studies that would offer the MA degree in American Studies.

After negotiations with the Rector of Georgian Technical University, Mr. Ramaz Khurodze, it was decided to establish this Centre in GTU.

The aim of the work of the Centre was to study and popularize one of the most successful states of the world, the USA. Later on, similar programs were offered in European studies. According to the wish of the MA students, the programs were developed in a way that made it possible for them to study not only the USA or Europe in general, but also to gain knowledge in the management model of one of various spheres of the social life of the USA or Europe: Business Administration, Public Administration, Management of Culture and Education, etc. Further on, the relations between the Centre and the Georgian Technical University evolved as follows: on July 21, 2004 the School of Social Sciences, Ltd, was set up by the Georgian Technical University and private persons Drs. G. Alasania and M. Sanadze.

The school developed quickly. The number of MA students soon exceeded a hundred. The programs were also diversified. Therefore, in the same year, 2004, the partners decided to establish a higher educational institution, a University, and the School of Social Sciences Ltd was renamed the Georgian University of Social Sciences.

Subsequently, it was renamed The University of Georgia to reflect the broader nature of the University's offerings. The University's academic programs are offered in the following 12 schools, each headed by its own dean:

Business and Economics, Governance, Humanities, Information and Engineering Technologies, Journalism and Mass Communications, Languages, Law, Mathematics and Science, Politics and International Relations, Professional and Preparation, Public Health, and Sports.

In 2009, The University of Georgia, in cooperation with the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, formed Batumi International University to serve the population of Western Georgia and to attract international students to Georgia.

In 2012 the university launched an in-depth archaeological exploration of the ruins of one of the oldest cities in the Caucasus, located at Samshvilde, Georgia. [1]


The University of Georgia has signed agreements with a number of universities and businesses. The University of Scranton has worked with the UG School of Public Health and the School of Business and Economics to develop and implement modern curricula in health and hospital management.[2]


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