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University of Georgia School of Social Work
Established 1964
Dean Maurice C. Daniels
Academic staff
Undergraduates 126[1]
Postgraduates 257[1]
Location Athens, Georgia, United States

The University of Georgia School of Social Work (SSW) is a college within the University of Georgia (UGA) in Athens, Georgia, United States.

The School of Social Work opened in 1964. The School is based in Tucker Hall on UGA's South Campus; courses are offered there and at the UGA Gwinnett Campus in Lawrenceville.

Academic programs[edit]

Undergraduate degree[edit]

The School of Social Work offers a professional Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program. Once they complete certain pre-professional course requirements, undergraduate students from UGA may apply to the program by submitting a narrative and signing the NASW Code of Ethics Statement.[2]

The 127-hour BSW curriculum includes pre-professional requirements; University-wide liberal arts, sciences, cultural diversity, environmental literacy, U.S. and Georgia Constitution, and physical education requirements;[3] and 60 hours of social work major and related courses.[4]

Master of Social Work[edit]

There are two areas of concentration for Master of Social Work (MSW) students at UGA. Students from both concentrations attend the same 30 hours of foundation courses and practicum together for the first year, and many choose electives from the other concentration or the MNPO program. Both are also available through the Advanced Standing program, which allows recent BSW graduates to complete the MSW program on an accelerated schedule.

Clinical Practice[edit]

The Clinical Practice concentration focuses on preparing social workers for supporting individuals and families within their culture, community, and extended family. The 30-hour concentration includes four required courses, practica at local agencies each semester for 24 hours a week, and two elective courses.[5]

Community Empowerment and Program Development[edit]

Students choose the Community Empowerment and Program Development (CEPD) to prepare them for supporting community action, advancing policy, and developing social programs. The 30-hour concentration includes three required courses, practica at local agencies each semester for 24 hours a week, and three elective courses.[6]

Master of Arts in Nonprofit Organizations[edit]

The University of Georgia was among the early institutions to grant a specialized degree in nonprofit management. The MA in Nonprofit Organizations (MNPO) degree is a 33-hour program administered by the Institute for Nonprofit Organizations (see below) that can be pursued full- or part-time. All students attend five core courses, four courses in a self-designed area of concentration, and two semester-long internships at 20 hours a week. Students complete a research project as part of the second placement.

Areas of concentration are wide-ranging and reflect the individual purposes of each student. Courses may be chosen those offered by the Institute and across the university.[7]

PhD in Social Work[edit]

The School began granting the Ph.D. in 1990, preparing social workers for careers in academic or evaluation research.[8] Students enter the program with a MSW and at least several years of professional work experience.

Graduate Certificate Programs[edit]

Students may pursue a graduate certificate in addition to their major field of study. Certificates offered include:

  • Gerontology
  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Nonprofit Organizations

Interdisciplinary Centers and Institutes[edit]

Foot Soldier Project for Civil Rights Studies[edit]

Founded by current Dean Maurice Daniels, the Foot Soldier Project documents the work and lives of pivotal but unsung "foot soldiers" of the American civil rights movement. The project works to research, archive, and disseminate information about the lesser-known figures of the movement, and it is a collaborative of the School of Social Work and faculty from across UGA:

Institute for Nonprofit Organizations[edit]

The Institute for Nonprofit Organizations was developed to bring together research, service, and teaching to foster leadership and effective programs within the civic sector. In addition to the course offerings of participating departments, the institute directly offers eighteen graduate courses in nonprofit management and development.[9] Besides faculty from the School of Social Work, the Institute for Nonprofit Organizations involves professors from several other departments:[10]

Marriage and Family Therapy Program[edit]

The School of Social Work, College of Education, and College of Family and Consumer Sciences have collaboratively offered graduate certificates in Marriage and Family Therapy for over 20 years. The program's aim is to provide the course requirements to be licensed in Georgia as a marriage and family therapist.[11]

MSW/MPH Dual Degree Program[edit]

The School of Social Work and the College of Public Health collaborated to offer a dual degree masters program, beginning in 2012. The program of study requires seven consecutive semesters of coursework along with two field placements for completion. [12]


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