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University of Greenland

Coordinates: 64°11′27″N 51°41′46″W / 64.19083°N 51.69611°W / 64.19083; -51.69611
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University of Greenland
Kalaallit Nunaata Universitetia

RectorGitte Adler Reimer
Academic staff
Administrative staff

The University of Greenland (Greenlandic: Ilisimatusarfik Kalaallit Nunaat; Danish: Grønlands Universitet) is Greenland's only university. It is in the capital city of Nuuk. Most courses are taught in Danish, a few in Greenlandic and classes by exchange lecturers often in English.

The university had an enrollment of 205 students in 2018,[1] composed of mostly Greenlandic inhabitants. It has around fourteen academic staff and five technical-administrative employees.[2] The modest student population is due, in part, to most Greenlandic students going to universities in Denmark.[3][4]


The University of Greenland was established in 1987 to provide local higher education for Greenland. It was originally located in the former Moravian mission station of Neu Herrnhut, and moved into a dedicated research complex, Ilimmarfik, in 2009. The university has a DKK 14.8 million budget. [citation needed]


Ilimmarfik university Campus in Nuuk

The university has multiple programs:[5]

  • Teacher training and education science (broad programmes)
  • Humanities (broad programmes)
  • Social and behavioural science (broad programmes)
  • Business and administration (broad programmes)
  • Law (broad programmes)
  • Health (broad programmes)
  • Social services (broad programmes)

Focus areas:

  • Greenlandic culture and history
  • Greenlandic political system
  • Greenlandic literature and media
  • Health science in the Arctic
  • Climate and society

The university awards baccalaureate degrees in all departments and Master's Degrees in all areas except theology. Doctorate programmes are also offered.


Tine Pars became director of Ilisimatusarfik at the beginning of 2009 after the former rector, Ole Marquardt, resigned in protest over new administrative laws introduced to the university in 2007.[6]

Guest faculty[edit]

Due to the small number of faculty, many specialized classes are offered by guest faculty, often coming from Danish universities, but also coming from other countries. Guest faculty at Ilisimatusarfik are often specialists for research on Greenland, combining teaching at Ilisimatusarfik with their research while staying on Greenland.


The university library holds approximately 30,000 volumes.

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