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University of Hargeisa
Jaamacadda Hargeysa
Other name
جامعة هرجيسا
MottoTowards a better future
Knowledge is Light
Established27 September 2000
PresidentMohamud Yousuf Muse, PhD
Location, ,

The University of Hargeisa (UoH) is a public university located in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland. The institution was founded in 2000. The current president of the University is Dr Mohamud Yousuf Muse, who holds a PhD in Education from the International Islamic University in Malaysia. The university had previously been led by some of other well-known Somali scholars, including Professor Hussein A. Bulhan, a graduate of Harvard University. The university has over 7,000 students, and operates on a four to six years system. It is the leading and largest higher education institution in the country and provides a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in different fields[1]. Since its establishment, the university collaborated with many academic and international partners in different capacities, including UCL, King's College, Harvard University, UCSI, International University of Africa and other local universities in the horn of Africa. Notable alumni of the university include the current president of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi. The university has also an annual honorary doctorate award to the outstanding members of the community, the first of which was awarded to Haji Hussein Abdi Waraabe.

الشعار الرسمي لجامعة هرجيسا
The official logo of University of Hargeisa
البوابة الرئيسية بجامعة هرجيسا
Front Gate, University of Hargeisa

Schools and Colleges[edit]

The university consists of 14 different colleges, schools and institutes which offer different undergraduate and postgraduate programs[2]:

  1. College of Agri & Veterinary Medicine
  2. College of Applied & Natural Science
  3. College of Business & Public Administration
  4. College of Education
  5. Dr Mohamoud Yousuf Muse, President of University of Hargeisa
    College of Engineering
  6. College of Computing & IT
  7. College of Law
  8. College of Medicine & Health Science
  9. College of Social Science & Humanities
  10. College of Islamic Studies & Arabic Language
  11. Hargeisa School of Economics
  12. School Of Graduate Studies
  13. Institute for Peace & Conflict Studies
  14. Gaariye Institute of Somali Studies and Literature Studies

Postgraduate Programs at University of Hargeisa[edit]

The university offers postgraduate programs, including Postgraduate Diploma and Masters, in the following areas[3]:

1. International Relations and Diplomacy. Duration: 2 years
2. Governance and Leadership
3. Development Studies
4. Project Planning and Management
5. Public Health and Nutrition
6. Educational Leadership & Mgt
7. Reproductive Health
8. Ophthalmology

Institute for Peace & Conflict Studies[edit]

The Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) was established in February 2008 in response to the long-recognized call for a multidisciplinary approach to understand and address, in depth, the conflict and violence that has engulfed many parts in the Horn of Africa. The Institute, which is the only and the first Institute of its kind in the Somali-speaking region in the Horn of Africa engages in teaching and research in the areas of peace and conflict studies. The IPCS, which operates within the institutional framework of the University of Hargeisa has a duty to provide interested scholars, institute members and students with the opportunity to engage in intensive study and research on Somaliland and Somali-inhabited regions in the Horn of Africa, on an interdisciplinary basis[4]. Within the context of this broad mission, the Institute envisages three interrelated divisions of its work: academic teaching, research, and outreach and development. Outreach activities take place both at a local and a community level, in order to enhance the impact of the IPCS on stability at home; as well as at a regional and international level, so as to support the creation of extensive collaboration and mutual learning networks for peace and conflict research with the world’s leading universities[5]. The notable graduates of this Institute include: Abdirahman Aw Ali Farah, former Vice President of Somaliland, Musa Bihi Abdi, the current president of the Republic of Somaliland and Chairman of the ruling party Kulmiye, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi, former Speaker of the Somaliland House of Representatives and the Chairman of Waddani Party[6]. The IPCS offers two locally reputable master degrees:

  1. Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies: Since 2008, the one-year Postgraduate Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies as a foundation program of IPCS has been attracting considerable interest across wide-sectors of the community. Currently, the IPCS offers an MA program designed to address the growing demand in the region to understand and investigate peace and conflict related issues. The MA is a two-year long program, including a dissertation component[7].
  2. MA in Education, Conflict & Peace Building[8].

Medical Degree at University of Hargeisa[edit]

College of Medicine & Health Science is quite prestigious due to both local and international cooperation[9]. This college is registered with world federation of medical education in Canada which means its students are allowed to sit for exams in Canada and US[10]. The college is an official partner of many elite universities, including King's College London[11]. Since its launching, the six-year MBBS program offered by the college gained a very good reputation in Somaliland.

Teaching Staff at University of Hargeisa[edit]

The university has a wide number of academics in all its faculties and has made an incredible effort to acquire talented and highly educated staff, of which around 60 percent were PhD and Master holders in the academic year 2017/2018[12].

Academic Year, 2017/2018
# College Name PhD MA/MSc BA/BSc G. Total
1 IPCS/SPGS 23 11 0 34
2 Agr/Vet 3 18 7 28
3 ICT 2 11 15 28
4 Engineering 1 17 24 42
5 Law 0 15 6 21
6 BA 2 15 8 25
7 Economics 0 16 2 18
8 Medicine 2 23 22 47
9 App. Science 2 32 35 69
10 Islamic Stud. 1 10 7 18
11 Education 2 3 24 29
12 Social Work 0 9 2 11
Total 38 180 152 370


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