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HKU Faculty of Law
Established 1969 as the Department of Law
School type Faculty
Dean Michael Hor
Location Pokfulam, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Enrollment 1,500
Faculty 60

The Faculty of Law of The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is the oldest law school in Hong Kong, and is considered to be one of Asia's most prestigious law schools.


The Faculty of Law of The University of Hong Kong is the first law school in Hong Kong. First established in 1969 as a Department of Law in the Faculty of Social Sciences, it became a School of Law with an autonomous Board of Studies in 1978, and a Faculty of Law on 1 July 1984. Today, the Faculty has 1,500 students and over 60 full-time academic staff from about 17 jurisdictions.

With the help of Henry Litton, Gerald de Basto, and other distinguished legal practitioners, the Faculty has taken part in publishing the Hong Kong Law Journal since 1971. The Faculty also has a strong tradition in international moot court competitions, having won moots such as the Hong Kong Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Moot and LAWASIA Moot in the past.

Degrees offered[edit]

The Faculty has two departments, the Department of Law and the Department of Professional Legal Education, and four research centres. The Faculty offers a 4-year Bachelor of Laws program, three 5-year double-degree programs: BSocSc (Government and Laws) - LLB, BBA (Business and Laws) - LLB, and BA (Literary Studies) - LLB in conjunction with other faculties of the university, a 2-year intensive JD program (Which allows graduates of non-law disciplines to read law), a professional qualification program (PCLL), and a variety of LLM programs focusing on human rights, Chinese law, corporate law and financial law, information technology and intellectual property, and arbitration. It also offers various research postgraduate programs, including MPhil, PhD and SJD.

Six members of the Faculty have been conferred the honour of Teaching Fellows by the University, rendering it one of the Departments with the largest number of Teaching Fellows in the University. The Faculty also plays host to many internationally distinguished scholars and academic conferences each year. The Faculty works closely with the legal profession. Its PCLL programme provides the entry qualification to the legal profession in Hong Kong.

Notable alumni[edit]

Notable professors[edit]

  • Johannes Chan, human rights lawyer and Chairman of the Management Committee of the Consumer Legal Action Fund
  • Albert Chen, member of the Basic Law Committee and the Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong
  • Michael Tilbury, Commissioner at the NSW Law Reform Commission
  • Anselmo Reyes, former judge of the Court of First Instance, specializing in issues on maritime law, European legal history, commercial law and the law of restitution. On 1 October 2012, he became Professor of Legal Practice. In 2016, he became a judge of the Singapore International Commercial Court

Emeritus professors[edit]

  • Yash Ghai, Chairman of the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission (2000-2004)
  • Raymond Wacks, professor of Law and Legal Theory

Visiting professors[edit]

Honorary professors[edit]

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