University of Kragujevac

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University of Kragujevac
Универзитет у Крагуејвцу
Univerzitet u Кrаgujеvacu
Coat of Arms of Kragujevac University.png
Coat of Arms of Kragujevac University
Type Public
Established 1976
Rector Nebojša Arsenijević
Academic staff
Students 14,000
Location Kragujevac, Serbia
Campus Urban

The University of Kragujevac (Serbian: Универзитет у Крагујевцу / Univerzitet u Kragujevcu) is a university located in Kragujevac, Serbia. It was founded in 1976 and is organized in 12 faculties. The University of Kragujevac is the fourth largest among six public universities in Serbia, behind the University of Belgrade, the University of Novi Sad and the University of Niš.

University of Kragujevac accepts principles of the European university education, taking into account the standards of the National Council for Higher Education. The University of Kragujevac is committed to the continuous improvement of institutional quality management system, as well as development of the organizational culture of quality, which will ensure the functioning of the monitoring, assessment, assurance and quality improvement in all areas of the University and its faculties. University achieves its mission of educating students through 118 study programs of basic academic, basic professional, integrated academic, academic master, and doctoral academic studies.


University of Kragujevac

The University of Kragujevac was founded on May 21, 1976, which is the same date when in 1838 Prince Miloš Obrenović set up the Licej, the first institution of higher education in Serbia. When Belgrade became the capital, most of the ministries moved there along with the Licej. In 1863 it was renamed into the Belgrade Higher School and in 1905 it eventually became the University of Belgrade.

The University of Kragujevac was established as a result of a formal recognition of the need in the community to provide a scholarly environment for prospective academics and to encourage and support research activities. At its opening the University of Kragujevac incorporated five faculties (Mechanical Engineering, Economics, Law, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, and Medicine; as well as the College of Mechanical Engineering in Kraljevo plus two research institutes: Small Grains Research Institute in Kragujevac and Fruit Research Institute in Čačak.

Today the University of Kragujevac has grown into a modern education and research center embracing almost all major areas of teaching and research, presently comprising 12 faculties with a student population of 14,000 and an academic staff of 1,000. The faculties are spread over five towns of the Central Serbia region which covers an area populated by 2,500,000 people. The University of Kragujevac offers a wide range of areas of study at the undergraduate and advanced levels. To date, 18,000 students have been graduated from the university, 600 have earned their master’s degree and 300 successfully defended their doctoral dissertation.


The university of Kragujevac has twelve faculties. Six of them are located in Kragujevac and six others in four neighboring towns:

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