University of Kufa

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University of Kufa
جامعة الكوفة
Type Public
Established 1987
President Prof. Dr. Aqeel Abd Yassin Al-Kufi
Academic staff
Undergraduates 30,614 from 1993 to 2008
Postgraduates 1,814 from 1993 to 2008
Location Kufa, Najaf, Iraq
Campus Both urban and rural
Colors Green

The University of Kufa is an Iraqi university located in Najaf, Iraq. It was founded in 1987 and comprises 21 faculties. The faculty of Medicine was established a decade earlier and attached to Mustansiriya University. In 1989, the College of Arts was established with only two departments: the Arabic Language Department and the Department of History. In 1991, the regime of Saddam Hussein closed the university after an uprising in March 1991, but two years later it was re-opened.

Presidents who presided over the University of Kufa[edit]

There are eight presidents from 1987 up to now.

Years of Service Names Scientific title Specialization
1987–1991 Prof. Dr. Yahiya Tawfeeq Al-Rawi Professor Geology
1991–1995 Prof. Asst. Dhafir Dawood Suleiman Al-Taee Assistant Professor Medicine & General Surgery
1995-1995 Prof. Dr. Yahiya Tawfeeq Al-Rawi Professor Geology
1995–2001 Prof. Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Al-Taif Professor Veterinary Medicine
2001–2003 Prof. Dr. Nabeel Al-Rawi Professor Electrical Engineering
2003–2006 Prof. Dr. Sayyid Hassan Issa Al-Hakim Professor History
2011- 2006 Prof. Dr. AbdulRazzaq Abdul Jaleel Al-Issa Professor Biochemistry
2011- 2017 Prof. Dr. Aqeel Abd Yassin Al-Kufi Professor Medical Genetics
2017- Prof. Dr. Mahdi Mohammed Redha Alsahlawi Professor Chemistry


Faculty of Jurisprudence[edit]

This school was reopened in 2003-2004 after being closed by Saddam Hussein's regime in 1991, the Faculty of Jurisprudence is the first established in Al-Najaf, in 1958. The Faculty of Islamic Studies grants bachelor's degrees in both Islamic jurisprudence and its disciplines and Holy Quran and Hadith in undergraduate study, and master and doctorate degrees in Sharia (Islamic jurisprudence) and Islamic Studies.

Faculty of Medicine[edit]

This school was established in 1977, and attached to Al-Mustansiriya University in Baghdad; under graduate studies were started in the academic year of 1979-1980, then the Faculty was transferred to the city of Kufa, to its current building. The first class graduated from this school in 1984. It offers degrees in medicine, at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Faculty of Dentistry[edit]

It was founded in 2006 and temporarily located within the same building as the medical school, although it is now located in its own facility. The school offers training in dentistry and other aspects of oral health and surgery.

Faculty of Pharmacy[edit]

It was founded in 1999, and offers a bachelor's degree in pharmacology sciences. It is located in the province of Najaf - the district of Kufa on the right bank of the Euphrates River.

Faculty of Nursing[edit]

Faculty of Nursing was founded in 2006, in the compound of university buildings. It grants a bachelor's degree in nursing.

Faculty of Engineering[edit]

The Engineering department was established in 1993, with what is now the department of Civil Engineering, but now includes Electrical Engineering, Material Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Faculty of Science[edit]

This department was founded in 1993 with Biology and Chemistry, then Physics in 1996 and Mathematics in 2002. The Disease Analyses Department and Environment and Pollution Departments opened later, and finally now in January 2013 Geology Department was opened.

Faculty of Agriculture[edit]

Faculty of Agriculture was founded in 1997, which has now the following departments: the Plant Protection, Horticulture, Garden Engineering and Animal Resources. The Faculty is located in the province of Najaf - the district of Kufa – Al-Abbasiyah area – Al-Qizwiniya region, Faculty graduates are granted a bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences the branches of Plant Protection, Horticulture, Garden Engineering and Animal Resources. Postgraduate Studies in both departments of Protection& Horticulture were opened in master's degree in 2001, then the next academic year of 2008-2009 witnessed the opening of the post-graduate in both Master and Doctorate degrees, two seats allocated for Doctorate degree and other two ones for master's degree in the fields of Plant Protection, Horticulture.

Faculty of Law[edit]

The Law School has only one department, Public Law; the Political Science Department has opened in 2007. It was founded in response to a need for experts in the field of law as Iraq makes the transition into a constitutional law based political system.

Faculty of Administration and Economy[edit]

This school was founded in 1993, and includes economy, business administration, accounting, banking and finance sciences courses. At the moment, it is primarily an undergraduate program, but is expanding into offering higher degrees.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine[edit]

This faculty was established in 19-8-2008, after complete the requirements of undergraduate studies. the first academic year was 2008-2009. This faculty has six departments that are: Clinical sciences dept, Anatomy and Histology dept, Microbiology dept, Pathology and Poultry diseases, Physiology dept and Public health department.

Future plans[edit]

The University of Kufa is expanding, both physically and in terms of its course and degree offerings. It is building more classroom and laboratory space, and increasing the number of schools within the larger university.

Postgraduate Studies[edit]

The University of Kufa seeks to provide postgraduate studies in various specializations which are currently available in the university in addition to the opening of new specializations needed in the Iraqi work market. The total studies at the university for the academic year 2014-2015 equals to 587, where the number of Doctorates was 126, the number of Masters was 378 and the number of High diploma studies was 83.

Centers and units of the University[edit]

1 – Information Technology Research and Development Center [1] 2 - Kufa Studying Center [2] 3 - Center of Teaching Development and University Training, Faculty of Education for Girls 4 - Center of Remote Sensing, the Central Library Building 5 - TOEFL Center [3] 6- Alumni Career Center [4] 7- Academic Teaching and Training Development Center [5] 8- Remote Sensing Center [6] 9- Learn Arabic at the University of Kufa [7] 10- Middle Euphrates Center for Cancer Research [8]

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