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University of Lapland
Lapin yliopisto
Lapland University.png
RectorProfessor Antti Syväjärvi
Administrative staff
66°29′07″N 25°42′54″E / 66.4853°N 25.7149°E / 66.4853; 25.7149Coordinates: 66°29′07″N 25°42′54″E / 66.4853°N 25.7149°E / 66.4853; 25.7149

The University of Lapland is located in the city of Rovaniemi, Finland. It was founded in 1979. The University of Lapland is the most northern university in the European Union.

The university is divided into four faculties:

  • Faculty of Art and Design
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Social Sciences

In addition to faculties, there is the Arctic Centre that is devoted to the arctic studies and research. The European Union has planned a resolution on the Arctic Strategy for the EU. The resolution includes paragraphs that are after the establishment of the EU Arctic Information Centre as a networked undertaking with a permanent office in Rovaniemi at the University of Lapland, Finland.

Finally, a subunit exists called the Institute of Business and Tourism; formerly it was a faculty but it is subsumed within the Faculty of Social Sciences.


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