University of Manitoba Students' Union

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University of Manitoba Students' Union
University of Manitoba Students' Union logo new.jpg
Institution University of Manitoba
Location Winnipeg, Manitoba
Established 1919
President Tanjit Nagra
Vice presidents Allison Kilgour (Advocacy), Wilfred Sam-King (External), Jehan Moorthy (Finance and Operations), Jeremy Semchyshyn (Student Services)
Members 23,000+
Affiliations N/A
Campus businesses The Hub (pub), IQ's (pool hall/coffee shop), Degrees (restaurant), GPAs (convenience store), Digital Copy Centre (print shop), Answers (information booth), UMSUshi (sushi counter)

The University of Manitoba Students' Union (UMSU) is the university-wide representative body for undergraduate students at the University of Manitoba, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It was established in 1919, replacing the former University of Manitoba Students' Association established in 1914. Its head office is located at 65 Chancellors Circle, in the University Centre building, in a large, Modernist architecture building designed by Canadian architect Isadore (Issie) Coop, at the Fort Garry Campus of the University of Manitoba.

Businesses & Services[edit]

The UMSU operates six student businesses on campus, including Degree's (a restaurant), G.P.A.'s (a convenience store), IQ's (a pool hall and coffee shop), Answers (an information booth also responsible for selling things like bus passes and concert tickets), UMSUshi (on campus sushi vendor), and the Digital Design and Copy Centre. The organization has also recently acquired and renovated a space on the Fort Garry campus for The Hub (an on-campus pub), which opened in May 2012.

The union also operates a number of non-business operations, such as the Gallery of Student Art (which displays art installations created by students), the Grocery Run (which supplies students living in residence with an opportunity to purchase groceries from the local grocery store, in conjunction with RedFrogs), and a Food Bank for students. It also administers a number of scholarships and bursaries, travel grants, as well as providing funding for the student radio station, CJUM, more popularly known as UMFM.

Political structure[edit]

The UMSU is run by a five-person elected executive, which includes a President and four Vice-Presidents. The four Vice-Presidents are each responsible for a different portfolio: Finance and Operations; External; Student Services; and Advocacy. Other than the membership itself, UMSU Council is the highest authority in the organization, and is made up of student representatives from each of the faculties, schools, student residences, the Inner-City Campus, and five positions for community representatives. Each faculty, school or residence has at least one representative, with some having up to four, depending on student population. The five community representatives represent marginalized communities of the student body: womyn students, international students, students living with disabilities, LGBTTQQ* students, and aboriginal students. The Council also has a number of committees that deal with specific areas, such as Policy and Bylaws, Finance, Campaigns and Governments Relations and Health and Dental Insurance Plan.

UMSU is unique among Canadian student governments in having a provincial law dedicated solely to UMSU. The University of Manitoba Students' Union Act came into effect in 1990.


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