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The University of Metaphysics is a distance learning, unaccredited theological school operated by International Metaphysical Ministry.[1] Students are prepared for ministerial positions and other related careers in the New Thought branch of metaphysical theology.[2][verification needed]


The University of Metaphysics is focused on a New Thought theological curriculum.

The University of Metaphysics traces its history as a teaching institution back to 1959. The University of Metaphysics as it exists today was founded in 1976 by Paul Leon Masters.

International Metaphysical Ministry[edit]

The International Metaphysical Ministry, which operates the University of Metaphysics, is a non-profit New Thought Metaphysical Ministry claiming to having a presence in over 120 countries.[1]

The IMM also owns the University Of Sedona, a sister school to the University of Metaphysics.


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