University of Michigan School of Education

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School of Education
Type Public
Established 1921
Endowment US$ million
Dean Deborah Loewenberg Ball
Academic staff
Students 586
Location Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Campus Urban
School of Education Building

The University of Michigan School of Education is the education school of the University of Michigan and is located in Ann Arbor, MI (the University of Michigan–Dearborn and the University of Michigan-Flint, while technically connected to the main Ann Arbor campus in small ways, operate completely separate education schools on their own campuses). The School of Education offers undergraduate, master's, and doctoral degrees. In 2011, U.S. News & World Report (USN&WR) ranked the school 9th overall. Within the school, specific programs ranked among USNWR's top-ten in six other areas: elementary education, secondary education, educational psychology (the Combined Program in Education and Psychology), higher education (the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education), curriculum/instruction, and educational policy.


The University of Michigan School of Education focuses on the study and improvement of teaching and learning, as well as the interactions, sense-making, and dynamics that shape teaching and learning. The school's mission intertwines research, teaching, and service, and centers on:

  • Knowledge in and for practice: Building knowledge concerning the improvement of teaching and learning, with a focus on the mechanisms and dynamics that result in high student achievement.
  • Professional education: Developing and offering high quality professional training in education for teachers, school leaders, and higher education professionals.
  • Undergraduate education: Contributing to the undergraduate mission of the University of Michigan by providing opportunities for undergraduates to learn about education.
  • Graduate training: Offering coherent and focused master's and doctoral programs that provide thorough knowledge of practice, excellent training in education research, and linking to professional education programs so that graduate students are prepared to contribute to the training of education professionals.


The School of Education's commitment to education can be traced to the first charter of the University of Michigania, approved by the territorial government in 1817, which initially gave the University control over the state's entire system of public instruction. Although this arrangement was changed, the links between the University and the state's schools were firmly established. They have remained strong through the years.

In the spring of 1879, the Regents of the University created the Chair of the Science and Art of Teaching, the first full-time, permanent professorial chair in any American college or university devoted exclusively to the preparation of teachers. This regental act recognized the fact that many University students would become teachers and school administrators and that without instruction in education they would not be prepared for their work.

John Dewey spent the years 1884-1894 at the University of Michigan and while not directly involved in the education program he left his imprint on the university and was instrumental in launching the State of Michigan school accreditation program.


The school is accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC). The most recent accreditation period is April 2011–April 2016.

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