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University of Minnesota Libraries
Wilson Library Minnesota 6.jpg
Wilson Library, largest in the system
Country United States
Type Academic library
Established 1851
Branches 14
Size 7,111,311 volumes[1]
109,681 serial subscriptions[1]
Access and use
Population served 55,931 faculty, staff and students and the state of Minnesota
Other information
Budget $41,225,580 annually[2]
Director Wendy Pradt Lougee
Staff 391[2]

The University of Minnesota Libraries is the library system of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus, operating at 13 facilities in and around Minneapolis–Saint Paul. It has over 7 million volumes and 109,000 serial titles that are collected, maintained and made accessible.[1] The system is the 17th largest academic library in North America[2] and the 22nd largest library in the United States.[3] While the system's primary mission is to serve faculty, staff and students, because the University is a land-grant institution its libraries are also open to the public.

The Libraries hold a variety of notable specialized and unusual collections. Examples include the world's largest assembly of materials on Sherlock Holmes and his creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle;[4][5] the Kerlan Collection of over 100,000 children's books;[6] the Hess Collection, one of North America's largest collections of dime novels, story papers and pulp fiction;[7][8] the James Ford Bell Library of rare maps, books and manuscripts,[9] and the seventh largest law library in the United States, including over 1 million volumes and personal papers such as those of Clarence Darrow.[10]

The system is a Federal Depository Library, a State of Minnesota Depository Library and United Nations Depository Library. Among research institutions it maintains the second largest collection of government documents in North America.[11]

Library buildings and collections[edit]

The Elmer L. Andersen Library. Home to the Charles Babbage Institute; Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts; and the University Archives
Walter Science and Technology Library
Minneapolis West Bank Campus
Minneapolis East Bank Campus
  • Architecture and Landscape Architecture Library, Rapson Hall
  • Bio-Medical Library, Diehl Hall
    • Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine
  • Eric Sevareid Journalism Library, Murphy Hall
  • Mathematics Library, Vincent Hall
  • Walter Library
    • Digital Technology Center
    • Science and Engineering Library
St. Paul Campus
  • Magrath Library
    • Kirschner Collection
  • Natural Resources Library, Hodson Hall
    • Entomology, Fisheries and Wildlife
    • Forestry Library
  • Veterinary Medical Library, Veterinary Sciences Center
Off-Campus Locations


The library system makes various services available to faculty, staff and students such as:

  • Alumni and Visitor Services
  • Copyright Consultation
  • Instructor and Researcher Support
  • Peer Research Consultants
  • Scanning & Digitization Services

The system also offers services to citizens in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota through MINITEX, a publicly funded program that supports academic, state government, public, school and specialized libraries in the region.

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