University of Montenegro Faculty of Architecture

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University of Montenegro
Faculty of Architecture
Arhitektonski fakultet
Univerziteta Crne Gore
Type Public
Established 2006
Dean Goran Radović
Location Podgorica, Montenegro
42°26′36″N 19°14′33″E / 42.443387°N 19.242505°E / 42.443387; 19.242505Coordinates: 42°26′36″N 19°14′33″E / 42.443387°N 19.242505°E / 42.443387; 19.242505
Campus Urban
Affiliations University of Montenegro

The University of Montenegro Faculty of Architecture (Montenegrin: Arhitektonski fakultet Univerziteta Crne Gore Архитектонски факултет Универзитета Црне Горе) is one of the educational institutions of the University of Montenegro. The building is located in Podgorica, at the University campus.


The Architecture Department was founded in 2002, as part of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Podgorica. In 2006, the Faculty of Architecture was relocated to a separate building and established as an independent educational institution of the University.[1] The Faculty is one of the youngest technical colleges in Montenegro.


The Faculty of Architecture is an educational and scientific institution which organizes undergraduate, specialist and postgraduate studies as well as doctoral studies within its main activities.[2]

Undergraduate studies[edit]

Undergraduate studies are organized on one department of the Faculty:

Specialist studies[edit]

Specialist studies are organized on the following 2 departments of the Faculty

Postgraduate studies[edit]

Postgraduate studies are organized on 7 departments:

  • Architectural Space Organization
  • Interior Space Architecture
  • Constructive Systems
  • Urbanistic Space Organization
  • Projects and Investment in Construction Management
  • Protection and Revitalization of Architectural Heritage
  • Bioclimatic and Energetically Efficient Architecture


The Library of the Faculty of Architecture has been established as an organizational unit of the Faculty in January 2007. At the beginning, it had a very small number of books at its disposal. For the short time, the fund significantly increased thanks to the resources that the Faculty has allocated for purchase of expert literature, as well as donations of individual professors, teachers and institutions.

Currently, the library is home to more than 2000 library units.[3]