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referee please go to wikipedia page above to see that even wiki says bachelors degree

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Universidad de Murcia
Universitas Studiorum Murciana b-w.png
Latin: Universitas Studiorum Murciana
Type Public
Established 1272 (original)
1915 (current)
Rector José Antonio Cobacho Gómez
Academic staff
c. 2000
Administrative staff
c. 800
Undergraduates c. 30,000
Postgraduates c. 1500
Address Avenida Teniente Flomesta, nº 5
30003 Murcia
, Murcia, Murcia, Spain
Campus Urban
Murcia in Spain

The University of Murcia (Spanish: Universidad de Murcia) is the main university in Murcia, Spain. With 31,500 students, it is the largest university in the Región de Murcia.


The first university in Murcia was founded as the Universitas Studiorum Murciana by Alfonso X of Castile around 1272. The current University of Murcia was founded in 1915, making it the tenth oldest university in Spain, but its seal carries the date of the thirteenth century founding.


The University of Murcia has two campuses: La Merced, the original campus in the center of the city; and the larger Espinardo, 5 km to the north, which offers housing to most students.

A third campus for medical and health studies is currently being built in the Murcia neighborhood of El Palmar, next to the hospital Ciudad Sanitaria Virgen de la Arrixaca, 5 km south of Murcia's city center. A fourth campus is in the beginning stages in San Javier. Another one, in Lorca, is expected to open in 2007.


Categorized by faculties and university schools:[1]



Faculty of Fine Arts[E]

  • Honours Degree in Fine Arts

Faculty of Biology[E]

  • Honours Degree in Biology
  • Honours Degree in Environmental Science

Faculty of Documentation Science[E]

  • Diploma in Library Sciences and Documentation
  • Honours Degree in Documentation[2nd]
  • Honours Degree in Journalism[2nd]
  • Honours Degree in Advertising and Public Relations[2nd]

Faculty of Industrial Sciences[E]

  • Diploma in Industrial Relations
  • Honours Degree in Industrial Science[2nd]

Faculty of Economics and Business[E]

  • Diploma in Management Science
  • Honours Degree in Administration and Management
  • Honours Degree in Economics
  • Honours Degree in Market Technology and Research[2nd]
  • Honours Degree in Sociology[2nd]

Faculty of Law[M]

  • Honours Degree in Law
  • Honours Degree in Political and Administration Sciences[2nd]
  • Diploma in Public Management and Administration
  • Combined Honours Degree in Law with Administration and Management

Faculty of Education[E]

  • Diploma in Social Education
  • Honours Degree in Education
  • Honours Degree in Education Psychology[2nd]
  • Teaching: Specialising in Special Needs Education
  • Teaching: Specialising in Physical Education
  • Teaching: Specialising in Infant Education
  • Teaching: Specialising in Music Education
  • Teaching: Specialising in Primary Education
  • Teaching: Specialising in Foreign Languages (Specialities in English and French)


Faculty of Philosophy[E]

  • Honours Degree in Philosophy

Faculty of Computer Sciences[E]

  • Engineer in Computer Science
  • Technical Engineer in Computer Science (Management)
  • Technical Engineer in Computer Science (Systems)

Arts Faculty[M]

  • Honours Degree in Classics
  • Honours Degree in French
  • Honours Degree in Spanish
  • Honours Degree in English
  • Honours Degree in Geography
  • Honours Degree in History
  • Honours Degree in History of Art

Faculty of Mathematics[E]

  • Honours Degree in Mathematics

Faculty of Medicine[MH]

  • Honours Degree in Medicine
  • Honours Degree in Dentistry
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy

Faculty of Psychology[E]

  • Honours Degree in Psychology

Faculty of Chemistry[E]

  • Diploma in Optics and Optometry
  • Honours Degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Honours Degree in Biochemistry[2nd]
  • Honours Degree in Physics
  • Honours Degree in Chemistry

Faculty of Veterinary Science[E]

  • Honours Degree in Veterinary Science
  • Honours Degree in Science and Food Technology[2nd]



University schools

Nursing School of Murcia[MH]

  • Diploma in Nursing

Nursing School of Cartagena[C]

  • Diploma in Nursing

School of Social Work[E]

  • Diploma in Social Work

School of Tourism[Mu]

  • Diploma in Tourism


  • School for adults ceainfante [1] in collaboration with umu


  • Economy
  • Experimental Science
  • Health Science
  • Humanity
  • Juridical Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Science
  • Technological Teaching


Degree footnotes

  • E Espinardo campus
  • M La Merced campus
  • MH La Merced campus, but some classes given in hospitals
  • Mu In city of Murcia outside La Merced campus
  • C Cartagena, 60 km (37 mi) south of Murcia
  • 2nd Second cycle degrees only referee please go to wikipedia page above to see that even wiki says bachelors degree


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