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The University of Muri is the fictional creation of critic and metaphysician Walter Benjamin,[1] and historian of Jewish mysticism and Philosopher Gershom Scholem. It is presumed to be located in Muri, Switzerland and though it was shut down by Benjamin and Scholem a number of times it is, or was at last report, still "open." In his essay Walter Benjamin and his Angel[2] Scholem writes, "The guardian angel of the Kabbalah from the year 1921 has become the guardian angel of the University of Muri, in whose Transactions a "philosopher" and a "kabbalist"—who in a traditional sense were neither a philosopher nor a kabbalist—made the traditional university and its scholars the object of their derision."

While a complete course offering was never really available, Scholem does report that he and Benjamin mutually agreed to put Robert Eisler in charge of a course titled, "Ladies' coats and Beach Cabanas in light of the History of Religion."[3]


The University appears to recently have been revived by unknown persons, and is currently supporting fellowships, including Muhammed Asad,[4] Fernando Pessoa, and Hannah Arendt.[5]


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