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The University of Nanking, known in Chinese as Jinling University (金陵大学, Jinling being another name for Nanking) was a private university in Nanking, China. The University of Nanking was founded in 1888 and sponsored by American churches. Its original English name was Nanking University, the first educational institution in China officially named "university" in English.


The Nanking University (汇文书院, Huiwen Shuyuan) was founded in 1888 by C.H. Fowler. Initially there were three faculties: liberal arts, divinity and medicine. In 1910, The Nanking University merged The Union Christian College (宏育书院, Hongyu Shuyuan, formed in 1900 by the merger of The Christian College (基督书院, Jidu Shuyuan, founded in 1891) and The Presbyterian College (益智书院, Yizhi Shuyuan, founded in 1894)) and changed the name to Private University of Nanking (金陵大学), and was registered with the New York State Education Department.

In 1951, Ginling College (former Ginling Women University established in 1913) merged into University of Nanking. In 1952, University of Nanking was merged with Nanjing University (南京大学).

University of Nanking - photo from 1920


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