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Institute of Natural Science
U of natural science.jpg
PresidentKim, Seung-Du
Eunjeong-guyok,Science 1-dong, Pyongyang
North Korea
Institute of Natural Science
Revised RomanizationRigwa Daehak
McCune–ReischauerRikwa Taehak

Institute of Natural Science (INS) is a university located inside the region of the National Academy of Science in Pyongyang, North Korea. INS is geographically located in Pyongsong, North Pyong'an Province, North Korea. However, North Korean government appointed the area of science district to belong to Pyongyang for giving some privileges of Pyongyang citizens to scientists of NAS and students of INS. As Kim Il-sung, a former leader of North Korea, emphasized the significance of education for gifted and talented students, INS originally started as a branch of Kim Il-sung University on January 17, 1962. It was separated from Kim Il-sung University in 1985. In North Korea, this university is known as "Sujae Daehark (University for talented students)".[1] In South Korean mass media, this university is called "KAIST of North Korea".[2] Top students of natural sciences or engineering in North Korea study at this university supported totally by North Korean government. Eighty percent of them is graduated from No.1 Middle Schools, which are science high schools for gifted and talented students in North Korea, and the rest twenty percent are medal winners in the national science (math, physics, chemistry, and biology) olympiads or national science quiz contests.[3] Unlike other universities in North Korea, students entering UNS have age limit. Equal or younger than 17 people are eligible to take entrance exam for UNS.[4] It is known that many alumni of this university are involved in projects for developing missiles and launching artificial earth satellites.[5]


There are six departments in INS. Each department has five or six majors.[citation needed]


  • Theoretical Physics
  • Thermal Physics
  • Solid State Physics


  • Control Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics


  • Theoretical Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry(material)
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Laboratory of Applied Chemistry


Computer Engineering[edit]

Electrical Engineering[edit]

Mechanical Engineering[edit]

  • Plasma and Hydrodynamics
  • Mechanical Dynamics
  • Solid Mechanics

Notable alumni[edit]


  • Kim Ho (김호) : Professor of Mathematics, University of Natural Science. He received his Doctoral degree in his twenties.[citation needed]
  • Kim Ha (김하) : Professor of Physics, University of Natural Science,[6]
  • Jang Hyekyung (장혜경) : Professor of Mathematics, University of Natural Science[7]
  • Kim Seo-in (김서인): A former head of department in Math Institute of the National Academy of Science of North Korea, the youngest PhD recipient of North Korea.[8][9]
  • Kim Kwang-hyun (김광현): A scientist at Laser Institute of National Academy of Science of North Korea. He became a junior associate in the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in 2015.[10]
  • Joseph Han: A North Korean defector who has earned a PhD in nuclear physics from Texas A&M University.[11][12][13] He became the first North Korean defector to receive a doctorate in natural science and engineering from a university in the United States.[14]


Politics, Government and Public Service[edit]

  • Kim Seung-du (김승두): Chairman of National Education Commission, North Korea [17]
  • Lee Kwang-ho (리광호) : Minister of Science Education Department, North Korea [18]

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