University of New England Students' Association

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University of New England Students' Association
Institution University of New England (Australia)
Location UNESA, University of New England (Australia), Armidale NSW 2351
Established 1940
President Koady Humphreys
Vice president Amy Behringer
Members c. 22,000 constituents

The University of New England Students' Association (UNESA) is the representative body for students at the University of New England, Australia. Its vision statement describes a desire to: “Represent without fear or favour the students of the University of New England. To encourage participation in a fair and just tertiary experience through shared higher thinking.”[1]

Modern Operations[edit]

UNESA is involved with the following operations:[2]

  • The Legacy Scholarship Fund
  • Nucleus - student news paper
  • Professional Experience Name Badges
  • Advocacy to federal student bodies
  • Advocacy to federal and state parliaments

Historical operations[edit]

Under UNESA, TUNE! FM was initially established in April 1970. Then known as Radio UNE, it was the first student radio station in Australia. Further established under UNESA was the student newspaper, Nucleus (established April 1947). It also entirely funded a Dentist paid for by the 'dental levy' - the first dental service at a University in Australia. Also funded were a second hand bookshop and many affiliated clubs and societies. These services (except dentistry) still exist at the university, whether under UNESA or other bodies.

In 2015, management of Clubs and Societies, Tune!FM, Uni4me (Independent Student Advocates), and the 2nd Hand Bookstore were transferred from UNESA to UNE Life.

Divisions and reformations[edit]

Prior to 1990, the association was known as the UNE Students' Representative Council and, for a time, as the Armidale Students' Association. Following the introduction of voluntary student unionism, UNESA was dissolved at a special general meeting of the members in late March 2006. The functions and services previously provided by UNESA were taken over by Services UNE Ltd [1] and split into two different organisations (for undergraduates and post-graduates respectively): Undergrads@UNE and Postgrads@UNE. Undergrads@UNE was replaced in 2009 by 'UNEG Ltd' (UNE Guild). Postgrads@UNE remained separate under the same name until 2013, when both groups reunited with the re-establishment of the University of New England Students Association.[3]

UNE Liberal Club[edit]

In February 2005, University of New England Liberal Club (UNELC) (Liberal Party of Australia) members won control of the Students' Association. UNELC members also controlled the student union and the University Council undergraduate position.

UNESA split from the National Union of Students in a disaffiliation referendum. UNESA was among the few student organisations in Australia to support voluntary student unionism.[4]


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