University of New York Tirana

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University of New York Tirana
Universiteti i New York-ut Tiranë.svg
MottoEducating tomorrow's leaders
RectorProf.Dr. Fatos Tarifa
LocationTirana, Albania

University of New York Tirana (UNYT) is an accredited private higher education institution in Tirana, Albania. Inaugurated in September 2002, it is the first private university in the country.

In Albania, Can a U.S. Diploma Deliver? New York Times 2012

UNYT offers locally Bachelor’s degrees conferred by the State University of New York's Empire State College and study programs through the SUNY Learning Network.

Most UNYT faculty members are foreign-educated Albanians.[1] UNYT offers Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees.

Since September 2004, UNYT, in collaboration with Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch in Sion, Switzerland and the University of Sunderland, offers a Master of Business Administration program. As of June 2004, UNYT has become an associate partner of the Cambridge University International Examinations.

The first rector was Prof. Dr. Gramoz Pashko (former Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Economy of the Republic of Albania), who died in a helicopter crash in July 2006.

There are 510 students enrolled in the academic programs.[citation needed]


  • Department of Economics and Business Administration: courses in Economics, Management Science, Finance, Marketing, International Business, and Business Communication
  • Department of Computer Sciences: courses in Computer and Information Science
  • Department of Science and Mathematics: course in Mathematics for Business and Computer Science.
  • Department of International Relations and Political Science: courses in International Relations and Political Sciences
  • Department of Arts, Humanities, and Psychology: courses in Psychology, Art History, and World Civilizations.
  • Department of Media and Communications
  • Department of English Language and Literature

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