International University of Novi Pazar

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International University of Novi Pazar
Интернационални Универзитет у Новом Пазару
Type Private
Established 2002 (2002)
President Muamer Zukorlić
Rector Suad Bećirović
Location Novi Pazar,  Serbia
Language Serbian, Bosnian
The University Rectorate building

The International University of Novi Pazar (Serbian: Интернационални Универзитет у Новом Пазару / Internacionalni Univerzitet u Novom Pazaru) is a Serbian private university which was founded in 2002 with the help of then-prime minister Zoran Đinđić. Upon their request a Muslim minority from Sanjak area was given the right to found their own university. This institution is a Waqf (often translated in English with Foundation). Thus it is something between publicly owned and privately owned university, though this is not fully clear. It has faculties and departments all around Serbia.

Journalism studies program[edit]

In Belgrade they have journalism studies led by veteran journalist and educator Mile Nedeljkovic. Although new, their journalism studies program is award winning and follows an international system of subject credits and grading. The program has lecturers and professors coming from news industry. The journalism program is closely related to the Serbian Federation of Journalists in its determination to help education for media practice.

Zoran Đinđić contribution[edit]

Every year special ceremony called class of appreciation is held in Novi Pazar International University. Here are some quotes from first event to celebrate the assassinated Serbian prime minister, first to lead the country in after Milošević era.

"Mr. Đinđić is not only great friend of this establishment but also its founder. He was amazing visionary who heard our needs to form this institution in a pursuit of knowledge and spiritual improvement. Only one day before tragedy occurred Mr. Đinđić was honourable chair at a council of rectors meeting. The very day when our rector of youngest university Muamer Zukorlić was introduced and promoted. Once again, during that meeting Mr. Đinđić expressed support for our university by highlighting quality curriculum and teaching, its modern management and European orientation. His support means a lot to us, this region and its people own much to him. He had no prejudice for us being predominantly Muslim. He had sincere intentions to help us in perceiving our differences as treasure not as antagonisms. Just few months ago we were delighted because of his promise to find time in order to make lecture for our students. We know he was ready to make his promise. Instead of that, we are here today holding class of appreciation for a man, a friend, philosopher, politician, reformist, diplomat, statesman and a patriot to fulfil this moment with our feeling of gratitude."

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