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University of Nueva Caceres (UNC)
Unibersidad ng Nueva Caceres
Universidad de Nueva Caceres
University of Nueva Caceres Seal.png
The Premier and the first University in the
Bicol Region, Philippines
Ayala Education’s flagship University
Pioneer the future of Education
Former name
Nueva Caceres Colleges (1948)
Motto Non Scholæ Sed Vitæ (Latin)
Motto in English
"Not of School but of Life"
Established June 1948
(67 years and 180 days)
Type Private non-sectarian University
60% stake owned by the
Ayala Corporation
Chairman Felicito Payumo
President Alfredo I. Ayala
(July 28, 2015 - Present)
3rd University President
Students Approximately 8,000
(All levels as of 2013)
Location J. Hernandez Avenue,
Naga City
, Camarines Sur,  Philippines
Campus UNC Main Campus
J. Hernandez Avenue,
Naga City
UNC Bataan Campus
Rizal St. Dinalupihan, Bataan
Alma Mater Song UNC Hymn
Colors UNC Colors.png Red and Gray
Athletics Naga City Inter-Collegiate Basketball Tournament
Private Schools Athletic Association (Philippines)
Nickname UNC Greyhounds
Mascot Greyhound
Website [12]
UNC Admin Building.jpg

The University of Nueva Caceres (UNC), the first university in southern Luzon (outside Metro Manila), is a private non-sectarian university run by the Ayala Corporation in Naga City in Bicol Region, Philippines. Founded in 1948, it offers pre-school, elementary, high school, undergraduate, and graduate programs.

Founded by Dr. Jaime Hernandez in 1948, it has grown to become one of the leading institutions of higher learning in the country. The campus is centrally located in the City of Naga, Camarines Sur, Philippines. The University has one of the biggest student populations in the Bicol Region and offers courses from Kinder to Graduate levels. All course offerings are recognized by the government and the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Education and Commerce are accredited by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACU-COA).[1] Its College of Engineering and Architecture is now one of the few regional centers for technological education in the Philippines.[2]

UNC Welcome Arc

Ayala Education[edit]

On July 28, 2015 press release the AYALA Group has raised its stake in the Philippine education sector by investing P450 Million to acquire 60 percent of University of Nueva Caceres one of the leading universities in the Bicol Region

UNC’s Chairman, Mr. Felicito Payumo, stated, “We are delighted that Ayala Education is investing in UNC because we believe that it will help us to further enhance the quality of our education and the employability of our graduates, through industry and technology driven innovations. We welcome Ayala Education as a partner who can strengthen UNC’s leading role in making good education accessible to Bicolanos as envisioned by its founder, former Secretary of Finance, Dr. Jaime Hernandez Sr., and as nurtured by his children, Dr. Dolores H. Sison (past President), Erlinda H. Ravanera, Jaime J. Hernandez, Jr. and Jesus J. Hernandez, and their families.”

Mr. Jesus J. Hernandez, the son of UNC founder Dr. Jaime Hernandez Sr., said, “We are very happy to have found in Ayala Education, a partner who shares our values and commitment to nation building, and will ensure that my father’s vision and legacy are sustained and strengthened, and that UNC continues to be a key engine of progress and development in Naga and the Bicol region.”

As a result of Ayala Education’s investment of Pesos 450 million, it will hold the majority of UNC’s board seats. In addition, UNC appointed Ayala Education’s CEO, Mr. Alfredo Imperial Ayala, as its President. Mr. Ayala stated, “We are very pleased to have been invited to partner with UNC, given its 67 years of success, leading position in Bicol and vibrant school spirit. UNC will be Ayala Education’s flagship university, and we are committed to working closely with all of UNC’s stakeholders to build upon its traditions of excellence that have served it so well.”

Ayala Corporation started investing in the education sector in 2012 through 100% owned Ayala Education, after recognizing the strong demand for Filipino talent from the IT-BPO and other service industries, such as banking, telecom, retail and tourism. Ayala Education’s vision is to deliver affordable and high quality education at the high school and college levels in order to equip students with real world skills through co-designing programs with prospective employers, and leveraging Ayala Education’s extensive experience in services training.

Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, Ayala Corp.'s Chairman and CEO, said, “We are excited to join forces with UNC. Education is an important priority for Ayala. There is strong global demand for Filipino talent and our vision is to deliver high quality, affordable education that can significantly enhance the employability of graduates, through partnerships with regional leaders such as UNC."

In Higher Education, Ayala Education has developed a Professional Employment Program (PEP) which delivers a highly differentiated educational experience and significantly improved employment outcomes through the application of learning technologies, constructivist methodologies, English immersion and deep industry partnerships. It has offered PEP since 2012 with its partners, Jose Rizal University, Emilio Aguinaldo College and University of Iloilo, and enabled many college graduates to attain attractive entry-level business employment.

Ayala Education has also been pioneering Senior High School since 2013 through its LINC (Learning with Industry Collaboration) Academy’s partnerships with Emilio Aguinaldo College and Arellano University. When they graduate, LINC students have the skills needed to either succeed in college or enter the professional workforce directly.

Ayala Education has also formed a majority owned joint venture, Affordable Private Education Center (APEC), with Pearson, the world's leading learning company, to build a chain of low-cost secondary schools that provide quality education with affordable annual school fees. Since it started in 2013, APEC has grown to a total of 23 schools, with 3,400 students across Metro Manila, Rizal, Cavite and Batangas, offering Grades 7 and 8 for less than P70 a day, inclusive of use of books and computers.[3]


In February 1948, Dr. Jaime Hernandez invited prominent Bicolanos to join him as incorporators. May 9, 1948 among those who signed the incorporation papers in were Dr. Jaime Hernandez, Atty. Jaime Reyes, Ambassador Jose T. Fuentebella, Atty. Edmundo Cea, Atty. Buenaventura Blancaflor, Engr. Nicole Tado Sr., Atty. Juan F. Trivino, Atty. Antonio M. Sison, Dr. Manuel Abella and Dr. Domingo Abella. The Securities and Exchange Commission approved the incorporators on May 18, 1948.

Thus the school officially started operation on July 1, 1948 as the Nueva Caceres Colleges. The initial courses offered were Liberal Arts, Commerce, Education and high school with a total enrollment of 958. The students of the newly opened school had their classes in the rented Flordeliza Building fronting the public kiosk (now Plaza Quezon) and the Governor Andres Hernandez residence along Burgos Street (now Grand Imperial Plaza).

In the ensuing years, additional courses were opened: elementary (1949), graduate school (1953), law (1951), engineering (1949), nursing (defunct 1955–2005), secretarial (1955) and kindergarten (1993).

In September 1951, the university administration headed by Dr. Hernandez took the first giant step since its foundation. It acquired the Rey property and transformed it from a marshland to its present condition. By early 1952 almost half of the site was filled and buildings began to rise. Most Rev. Pedro P. Santos blessed the new campus and the first two buildings, the original Dato Hall and Alba Hall on July 11, 1952. Other buildings were soon built to address the needs of a growing student population. At present, under the leadership of university president Dr. Dolores H. Sison, there is an ongoing multi-million infrastructure program to further modernize the institution.

UNC Four Pillars

University Seal[edit]

The University Seal is circular in shape with two concentric circles. The outer circle contains the name UNIVERSITY OF NUEVA CACERES and on the lower portion of the University - CITY OF NAGA and below it the year of the foundation of the University, 1948. Inside the inner circle is a U shaped figure with a TORCH at the center symbolizing education. Just below the torch are the three famous landmarks of the Bikol region: Mt. Isarog, Mayon Volcano and Mt. Bulusan. Across these figures is a ribbon containing the Latin words: NON SCHOLAE SED VITAE (Not of School but of Life). The predominant colors are RED and GRAY, the official colors of the University.[4]

University Motto[edit]

Non Scholæ Sed Vitæ is a Latin phrase. Its longer form is non scholæ sed vitæ discimus, which means "We do not learn for school, but for life". The scholae and vitae are first-declension feminine datives of purpose.

The motto is an inversion of the original, which appeared in Seneca the Younger's Moral Letters to Lucilius around AD 65.[5] It appears in an occupatio passage wherein Seneca imagines Lucilius's objections to his arguments. Non vitae sed scholae discimus ("We learn [such literature] not for life but for classtime") was thus already a complaint, the implication being that Lucilius would argue in favor of more practical education and that mastery of literature was overrated.[6] During the early 19th century, this was emended in Hungary and Germany to non scholae, sed vitae discendum est ("We must learn not for school but for life").[7][8]

UNC Founder Dr. Jaime Hernandez Monument


The University of Nueva Caceres, a private non-sectarian institution, is Bicol's first University. Guided by its motto, "Non Scholæ Sed Vitæ" (Not of School but of life), and attuned to the demands of a highly dynamic global environment, the University commits itself to a quality and excellent education for all to transform the youth into entrepreneurial, productive, morally upright, socially responsible professionals for a just, humane and progressive society.[9]

UNC Administration Building


The University of Nueva Caceres shall be the leading exponent of academic excellence, research, extension, and innovative technology for sustainble development. It creates a nurturing academic environment and provides equal opportunities in the formation of individuals into empowered leaders, competent professionals and proactive entrepreneurs who are cognizant of our rich cultural heritage.[10]

UNC DHS Building

University March[edit]

Hail Nueva Caceres

Hail! Hail! Nueva Caceres
We'll hold your colors high
We'll fight to win in any game
Your victory will be a star
A star upon your name... RAH!
Hail! Hail! Nueva Caceres
High on top you'll be
We'll cheer Hurrah!
and we'll march with flying colors
of Red and Gray...
UNC Founder Dr. Jaime Hernandez Sr.

University Hymn[edit]

UNC Hymn

Nueva caceres , before
God's altar high we sing,
And pledge that ever more
To thee we'll honors bring
When thy portals fade from sight
And darkness dims the day,
Thy torch shall be the light
To guide us on our way
And o'er the Bicol, Land and Sea
Thy flag shall ever wave,
The Red and Gray for UNC
And youth upright and brave.
UNC Sports Palace


4 P's
  • PURSUE the nurturing and strengthening of social institutions with empowered leaders, skilled professionals, and proactive entrepreneurs for the development of the Bicol Region and the Filipino nation;
  • PRODUCE graduates who are entrepreneurial, productive, morally upright, environmentally conscious, globally responsive and socially responsible citizens;
  • PROPAGATE the culture of excellence through a continual process of introspection, integration and improvement of programs, facilities and services;
  • PROVIDE the University personnel with the means to enhance their personal well-being and professional skills to effectively carry out balanced curricular and development programs.
UNC University Chapel

Core Values[edit]

  • CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Aligns UNC programs with the social, economic and environmental expectations of stakeholders with corporate conscience, social performance and sustainable responsibility.
  • ONE GLOBAL NETWORK – Promotes global insight, relationships, collaboration and learning to deliver exceptional service to clients.
  • RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL – Values diversity of cultural upbringing and talents and their unique contributions, fostering a trusting, open and inclusive social environment and treating each person in a manner that reflects valuing for human rights and freedom within the moral and ethical norms of the larger social system.
  • EMPOWERMENT - Enables an individual to think, take adaptive responses of controlled work and decision-making with autonomy, employee involvement and participative management.
  • INTEGRITY - Ethically-conscious and honest that inspires trust by saying what is meant, matching words with proper behavior and taking responsibility for one’s actions.
  • TEAMWORK – A firm commitment and determination to common goals through collaborative and synergistic action for group harmony and unity, as well as work efficiency.[11]

UNC Greyhounds[edit]

The University of Nueva Caceres, for many years now, have chosen the label "Greyhound" to be the official tag of the school. And consistently, the UNC Greyhounds Sports Teams in almost many sports have been an asset of the region in national and international competitions.

UNC Marker

University President[edit]

Board of Trustees[edit]

Chairman - Felicito Payumo
Vice Chairman - Alfredo I. Ayala
  • Carlos H. Ravanera
  • Rosalie A. Dimaano
  • Felipe P. Estrella III
  • Eleanor S. Salumbre
  • Charlene C. Tapic-Castro


College of Arts and Sciences[edit]

  • BS Biology
  • BS Environmental Science
  • BS Mathematics
  • AB Mathematics
  • AB Literature
  • AB Political Science
  • AB Psychology

College of Business and Accountancy[edit]

  • BS Accountancy
  • BS Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • BS Travel Management (2014)
  • BS Business Administration
Major in
  • Business Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Development Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management
  • 2-Yr Cetificate in Office Administration

College of Criminal Justice Education(2012)[edit]

  • BS Criminology

College of Computer Studies[edit]

  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Information System
  • BS Information Technology
  • 2-year Associate in Computer Technology
  • 2D Animation
  • 6-month Computer Hardware Servicing

College of Education[edit]

  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
Major in
  • Special Education
  • Pre-School Education
  • Bachelor of Library and Information Science
  • Teacher Certificate Program
  • Special Education
  • Pre-School Education
  • Values Education
  • MAPE
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • 18units of Methods of Teaching
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education
Major in
  • English
  • Filipino
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Science
  • Biological Science
  • Social Studies
  • Bachelor of Library and Information Science
  • BS Physical Education major in Sports and Wellness Management (2014)

College of Engineering and Architecture[edit]

  • BS Architecture
  • BS Civil Engineering
  • BS Computer Engineering
  • BS Electrical Engineering
  • BS Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • BS Mechanical Engineering

College of Nursing[edit]

  • BS Nursing
  • 7-month Caregiver Course

School of Graduate Studies[edit]

College of Law[edit]

  • College of Law is the only college in Naga City that offers Bachelor of Law(L.L.B.).

High School[edit]

Full Accreditation Status by FAPE

"Molding young minds for the service of GOD, COUNTRY and HUMANITY"

The Best of Both Words: ACADEMICS and LIFE

The University of Nueva Caceres High School Department keeps the reputation of offering the most balanced education in Bikol. On one hand, it provides its students quality education through quality-assured and reality-based curriculum and highly competent roster of faculty and, on the other, allows them to experience holistic development through arts, sports and extra-curricular organizations. The Department puts premium to the students discovery and enhancement of their skills and interests to the fullest which help them become college-ready.

It is a public knowledge that the UNC High School is home to the region’s most outstanding students: recognized young leaders, writers, public speakers, artists and achievers in various academic disciplines. This record remains unsurpassed by any other challenger-schools in the region. It is not surprising that many of its alumni have created for themselves big names in many professional fields today – be it in local, national or international scenes, truly, dreams begin here.

Another best feature of the Department is its pool of topnotch educators who utilize modern and innovative strategies in instruction. From them, our students truly learn both in academics and real life. Classes are mostly heterogenous – facilitating exciting and balanced interaction between and among our students from diverse backgrounds: rich and poor, Catholic and other religions, boys and girls. It also keep some of the region’s creme of the crop-the University Honors Program.

What makes the UNC High School especially close to the Bikolano youth and families is its sensitivity to poverty. It is one of the private schools in Naga City with the lowest tuition fees. And unlike others, it did not implement tuition fee increase in the past years. But even with this sacrifice, it did not diminish its quality. In fact, it remains to be the premiere high school in South Luzon.[12]





  • A Avenue - The Official Publication of the Graduate Studies Student-Faculty.
  • Citrus - The Official Publication of the College of Computer Studies.
  • Perspective - The Official Publication of the College of Engineering and Architecture.
  • Literati - The Official Publication of the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Sed Vitae - It is published once a year by the Research Center of the University of Nueva Caceres.
  • The A-Venue - The Official UNC GS Student-Faculty Publication.
  • The Democrat - The Official Student-Publication of the University of Nueva Caceres.
  • The Trailblazer
  • Torch - The Official Publication of the College of Education.
  • Tycoon - The Official Publication of the College of Business and Accountancy.[14]

Community Extension[edit]

The University of Nueva Caceres – Institutionalized Community Extension Services (UNC – ICES) is the central office and coordinating center of the University for its Extension Service Program. It serves as the institutional coordinating arm of various departments, colleges and student organizations’ community services. The office initiates and/ or co-implements projects and programs and identify department who will be the lead implementer based on its line of interest and/ or expertise. It assists, advises, monitors and evaluates the Extension Program of the university or specific department as it ties up with offices like the Research Center, DSA, VPSEA, Deans and Principals, and the Local Government Units (LGUs), Government Line Agencies, NGOs and POs. The prime concern of the office is the development of socially aware and socially involved and relevant persons (faculty, employees, students, school friends) who are both productive and proactive in recognizing and responding to the country’s needs with consideration to local and nearby communities.

ICES ensures that students, faculty members and non – teaching personnel of the University are provided with opportunities to get involved in various extension activities or program either institutionally or departmentally initiated and implemented. Once in a while alumni and UNC partners like Parents – Teachers – Council are tapped to support activities. Students’ involvement in Extension is varied. It can be curricular – related (like Social Arts, NSTP – CWTS, Practicum), extra – curricular involvement (like student organizations / fraternities / sororities), or simply volunteerism like (ICES student volunteers, Campus Ministry volunteers, Peer facilitators, College Red Cross Youth). For the teaching and non – teaching personnel, they can participate as resource speakers, lecturers, facilitators, trainers or initiators / organizers of an activity together with identified student organizations or community groups.[15]

Admission and Financial Aid[edit]

Student Financing Unit[edit]

Student Government[edit]

University Student Government (USG)[edit]

  • The University Student Government is the sole supreme de jure student government of the University of Nueva Caceres.

Notable Alumni[edit]


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