University of Oklahoma Observatory

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University of Oklahoma Observatory
Organization University of Oklahoma
Coordinates 35°12′09″N 97°26′38.6″W / 35.20250°N 97.444056°W / 35.20250; -97.444056
Altitude 372 meters
Unnamed Telescope 16-inch reflector

University of Oklahoma Observatory (IAU code H30) is an astronomical observatory. It is located in Norman, Oklahoma, on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. Built in 1939, with a 10 inch Newtonian reflector and a smaller 3.5 inch telescope, it was housed in a 16-foot dome atop what was at the time, the southernmost building on campus.[1] In 1995 the original 10 inch telescope was replaced by a .4 metres (16 inches) Meade SCT.


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Coordinates: 35°12′09″N 97°26′38.6″W / 35.20250°N 97.444056°W / 35.20250; -97.444056