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The University of Okoboji is a fictional university in the state of Iowa in the United States of America. The university was the creation of three brothers (The Three Sons of their dad) in the early 1970s, who printed T-shirts with an "official" school crest. The word "Okoboji" refers to several lakes, and to the town of Okoboji, in the Iowa Great Lakes region that are popular recreational destinations.[1]

The university is home of the undefeated Fighting Phantoms.

It is common among those claiming to be alumni to display university decor, such as car decals and T-shirts without informing unsuspecting out-of-staters that the university is not real. The name is now used in connection with several annual fund-raising events for charity, including bike rides, a marathon, and a winter games competition. A local radio station, KUOO, has joined in the joke and refers to itself as the "campus radio".[2]

Professor Joe Simington has served as Dean of the Finance Department on the school's Fostoria Campus since 1978.

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