University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law

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University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law  
Univ. Pa. J. Const. Law
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Discipline Constitutional law
Language English
Edited by Joseph F. Camp
Publication details
Publication history
Frequency Five times per academic year
ISSN 1521-2823

The University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law is a scholarly journal focusing on issues of constitutional law published in print and electronically by an organization of second- and third-year J.D. students at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. The journal covers the interdisciplinary study and analysis of constitutional law. The journal publishes five issues each volume, including an issue or issues devoted to its multi-day symposium. It is one of six law journals at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and one of the top fifty law journals in the United States based on citations and impact.[1] Additionally, it is the third most cited non-Law Review Journal.[2] Its Bluebook abbreviation is U. Pa. J. Const. L.

The journal is published in Philadelphia (home of the Liberty Bell, which is depicted on the journal's cover).

Articles published in the Journal have been cited by the U.S. Supreme Court, including Justice Clarence Thomas in his concurrence in Town of Greece v. Galloway.[3]

The current editor-in-chief is Joseph F. Camp.


Each year the Journal of Constitutional Law hosts a symposium focusing on popular topics in constitutional scholarship and featuring notable constitutional law scholars. Past topics include "The Judiciary and the Popular Will" (January 29–30, 2010) and "Presidential Power in Historical Perspective: Reflections on Calabresi and Yoo's The Unitary Executive" (February 6–7, 2009).

Notable articles[edit]


  • Vol. 1 - Mike N. Gold (as Coordinating Editor)
  • Vol. 2 - David Liebowitz
  • Vol. 3 - Jeremy A. Blumenthal
  • Vol. 4 - Andrew C. von S. Smith
  • Vol. 5 - Jason A. Abel
  • Vol. 6 - Carlos S. Montoya
  • Vol. 7 - Akua E. Asare
  • Vol. 8 - Maura E. McKenna
  • Vol. 9 - Ellen C. Hu
  • Vol. 10 - Nabeel A. Yousef
  • Vol. 11 - Jeremy T. Adler
  • Vol. 12 - Jonathan P. Adams
  • Vol. 13 - Emily S. Stopa
  • Vol. 14 - Vivian Lee
  • Vol. 15 - Megan E. Barriger
  • Vol. 16 - Brandon Harper
  • Vol. 17 - Zachary C. Ewing
  • Vol. 18 - Barron M. Flood
  • Vol. 19 - Joseph F. Camp
  • Vol. 20 - Katherine J. King


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