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Juraj Dobrila University of Pula
Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli
Pula University.JPG
Latin: Universitas studiorum Polensis Georgii Dobrila
Type public
Established 2006
Endowment 41.156.863 HRK (2012)[1]
Rector Alfio Barbieri
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 2.465[3]
Undergraduates 2.367[3]
Postgraduates 77[3]
Other students
Location Pula, Croatia
44°52′02″N 13°51′15″E / 44.867291°N 13.854044°E / 44.867291; 13.854044Coordinates: 44°52′02″N 13°51′15″E / 44.867291°N 13.854044°E / 44.867291; 13.854044
Campus urban
Affiliations EPUF
Website www.unipu.hr

The Juraj Dobrila University of Pula (Croatian: Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli, Latin: Universitas studiorum Polensis Georgii Dobrila) is a university in Pula, Croatia. It was founded in 2006 and is organised in five departments.


Establishing the Juraj Dobrila University of Pula at the beginning of 21st century presents important part of restructuring Croatian system of higher education. Grouping the institutions of higher education in an autonomous university and establishing the department-type university is complex project. The foundation of the University of Pula takes into consideration the historical and cultural assumptions of location and development of Istria in past centuries. Historical-traditional, training-educational and other assumptions of cultural development are important factors for founding the University of Pula.

The 1950s in Istria were marked with the thought of getting more people higher education, especially those in economic and teacher professions. Two prominent Istrian intellectuals, Mijo Mirković and Tone Peruško, gave the decisive impulse of forming that point of view. The first two-year economic college (Higher school of economics) was opened due to Mirković contribution in academic year 1960/61, and in 1961/62 Peruško contributed on opening the Pedagogic Academy. Peruško was also the first head-master of the academy. Higher school of economics developed into the Faculty of Economics and Tourism „Dr. Mijo Mirković“, and the Pedagogic Academy into Faculty of Philosophy in Pula and teacher training college in Pula. Mijo Mirković suggested the establishment of the Adriatic University which would have consisted of faculties with seats in the major cities on the coast.

Opening of the two higher education institutions in Istria at the beginning of 1960s was logical consequence for the future of the area. The idea was based on the two main directions of development: economy and education. In the second half of 20th century this way of development has not changed radically. These directions are still the major ones, but with the specialities in many new courses. Study of economics now has three courses: finance, marketing and tourism. Study of educational sciences does not have only teacher training study, which had the longest tradition, but also new studies that appeared recently (Croatian language and literature, Italian language and literature, History, Latin language and Roman literature). These new studies cover schooling necessary for teachers and enable employment in other services. Restructuring institutions of higher education and opening new studies and courses will enhance potentials of higher education in Istria.

The Juraj Dobrila University of Pula was founded on 29 September 2006 when the Croatian Parliament passed the Act of Founding the University of Pula. The University of Pula was entered in the Register of the Commercial Court in Pazin on 21 December 2006, thus acquiring its legal status.

Faculties and Departments[edit]

The Juraj Dobrila University of Pula is an entirely integrated university, consisting of one faculty and four departments:

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