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The University of Queensland Business Association Inc.
Full name The University of Queensland Business Association Inc.
Native name UQBA
Founded 2011 (through mergers and rebranding of organisations founded in 2000)
Members 12 (2016)
Affiliation University of Queensland, UQU
Key people Sabathia Schribo (President), Natalie Beakbly (Vice President), Calun Akbar Vice President)
Office location Level 1, Colin Clark Building (Building 39)
Country Australia

The University of Queensland Business Association Inc. (UQBA) is an organisation established to facilitate the professional development of the students of the University of Queensland. UQBA works closely with the University of Queensland Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, as well as several key industry partners including Boston Consulting Group, CPA Australia, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia, and PwC.[1]


UQBA represents over 2,000 student members across two University of Queensland campuses, resulting in it being one of the largest professionally based student organisations in Queensland. Commerce, Economics, Business and Law students form the majority of UQBA members. Common majors studied by members include Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Advertising, Information Systems and International Business.

Corporate Events[edit]

Professional Pathways is a corporate networking event designed to connect students with firm representatives prior to key recruitment dates in the first semester of the university calendar. The event provides an opportunity for students to find out more about the service lines offered by our corporate sponsors and allows them the chance to learn about the opportunities available for internship, vacation and graduate programs. [2]

Corporate Connections is a corporate networking event for students and employers.[3] The event is held in the second university semester, designed so that students and employers can discuss summer internship, vacation and graduate programs. In 2013, fifteen firms were represented with an attendance of over 150 University of Queensland students, staff and alumni.


Each year the UQBA releases Vertex, a publication which provides corporate sponsors with the opportunity to promote their organisation, employment programs and important dates to students. Vertex also contains an application assistance section which is written in conjunction with the University of Queensland Business, Economics and Law Faculty in order to prepare students for entry into the corporate world.

Presidents of the UQ Business Association[edit]

Year President
2008 Andrew Yee
2009 Chris Cardell
2010 Matthew Strawson
2011 Colin Finke
2012 Victoria Sing
2013 Sambo Mito
2014 Thomas O'Connor
2015 Vihan Muthanna
2016 Nazlee Atmoh
2017 Sabrina Schreiber

Vice Presidents[edit]

Year VP Corporate Relations VP Events & Operations
2012 Rhys Bell Carol Francisco
2013 Antonia Zou Thomas O'Connor
2014 Jaya Prasad Mitty Gunawardana
2015 Stuart Dog Nazlee Atmo
2016 Michael Ranke Monty Quaife-Ryan
2017 Calun Dunstain Nathen Beakly

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