University of Santo Tomas College of Science

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University of Santo Tomas
College of Science
UST College of Science.PNG UST-CollegeOfScience.png
Former names
  • 1926 – College of Liberal Arts
Established 1926
Dean Prof. John Donnie A. Ramos, Ph.D.
Regent Rev. Fr. Franklin F. Beltran, O.P.
Students 2,568 (as of 2013)[1]
Location Main Building, UST, Sampaloc, Manila
Patron saint Saint Albertus Magnus
Colors      Azure

The University of Santo Tomas College of Science, popularly known as "UST Science", is the Pure Sciences school of the University of Santo Tomas, the oldest and the largest Catholic university in Manila, Philippines.

It offers six Bachelor of Science degree programs, three of which are recognized by the Commission on Higher Education as a Center of Excellence in Chemistry, Biology (as of July 2, 2010), and Psychology.[2] It also offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology, the only undergraduate microbiology program in the Philippines. It is the first in the university to have been accredited Level IV by the Philippine Association of Colleges & Universities Committee on Accreditation (PACUCOA). The College is located at the third floor of the UST Main Building.

Brief history[edit]

The College of Science of the University of Santo Tomas was established in 1926 as the College of Liberal Arts. It then offered four-year programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.). It also has a two-year program for Associate in Arts which served as preparatory courses for the Law and Medical schools.

The offerings of the College became diversified, in response to the advancements made in the field of science. Thus, specialized degree programs in the various fields of science were developed and introduced through the years: B.S. Chemistry (1931), B.S. major in Zoology (1947), B.S. major in Psychology (1948), and B.S. Mathematics and Physics (1952). In 1959, the preparatory course for the Medical School was extended to three years, in compliance with the requirements of the Medical Act.

In 1964, the College of Liberal Arts was re-organized. The A.B. program was ceded to the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (now Faculty of Arts and Letters). The B.S. programs remained in the college, which became known as the College of Science.

Consistent with its goals of being relevant to the fast-developing world, the College of Science introduced new degree programs in the succeeding years: B. S. Mathematics in 1966, B.S. Mathematics majoring in Actuarial Science in 1974; B.S. Microbiology in 1981; B.S. major in Biology in 1982, B.S. Mathematics major in Computer Science in 1984, which was converted into B.S. Computer Science in 1999, B.S. Information Technology and B.S. Information Management in 1999, B.S. Applied Physics in 2001, and B.S. Applied Mathematics in 2009.

Degree programs[edit]

  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics Major in Actuarial Science
    • Actuarial Science is applied mathematics that involves the study of evaluation of risks, analysis of financial problems, application of mathematical probabilities, and management of programs to reduce adverse financial effects on people’s lives.
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics Major in Instrumentation
    • Applied Physics is the application of all branches of physics to the broad realm of practical problems in engineering, science and industry. This BS Applied Physics program blends the concrete and the abstract aspects of physics. It provides the students with an opportunity to acquire abilities for continued advancement in technology from fundamental principles in physics. This also promotes the development of strong analytical skills as well as experimental capability through its upper core programs. The instrumentation specialty involves training in design and utilization of scientific instruments.
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
    • Biology deals with the study of living organisms and all aspects of their existence. This can be achieved through the mastery of the various disciplines and application of laboratory techniques that motivate the students to undertake researches on plant, animal and microbial life. The Biology program of the university has been declared as a CHED Center of Excellence in 2010, and the status has been maintained ever since.
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
    • The curriculum is designed to show relevance and intricate involvement of Chemistry in solving everyday problems. This undergraduate program emphasizes chemistry, partly because chemistry is also known as "the central science", and as well as mathematics and physics; thus giving these future chemists a well-rounded knowledge about science. The BS Chemistry program of the University of Santo Tomas was awarded as a CHED Center of Excellence in 1998 and this prestige has been maintained until present.
  • Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
    • Microbiology is the study of the various microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, algae, protozoan, and fungi, and their activities. In UST, the study of the microorganisms is done through an inquiry-based and discovery learning process. The University of Santo Tomas is the only institution of higher learning in the Philippines offering a degree in BS Microbiology.
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
    • Psychology is the science that studies human behavior and experiences. The program provides opportunities for field experience, independent study, research, and time for career exposures through practicum work.

College Officials[edit]


  • Dean  : Prof. John Donnie A. Ramos, Ph.D.
  • Assistant Dean  : Prof. Maria Carlota B. Decena, Ph.D.
  • Regent  : Rev. Fr. Franklin F. Beltran, O.P., Ph.D.
  • College Secretary  : Assoc. Prof. Mary C. Martin, M.Sc.

Department Chairs[edit]

  • Department of Biological Sciences  : Assoc. Prof. Mary Ann G. Santos, Ph.D.
  • Department of Chemistry  : Assoc. Prof. Mario A. Tan, Ph.D.
  • Department of Mathematics and Physics : Asst. Prof. Enrico M. Yambao, M.Sc.
  • Department of Psychology  : Prof. Ma. Claudette A. Agnes, Ph.D.


  • Coordinator for Microbiology  : Prof. Gina R. Dedeles, Ph.D.
  • Coordinator for Physics  : Asst. Prof. Glenda B. delos Reyes, Ph.D.

Student Governing Body (CSSC)[edit]

The College of Science Student Council (CSSC) is the primary student governing body of all bonafide students of the College of Science. Its officers are elected by the entire College of Science student body but the Chief of Staff directly appointed by the officers upon election. The President of the student council shall be the official representative to the Central Board (CB), which consists of all Presidents of all colleges, faculties and institutes in the university, care of the Central Student Council (CSC).


The College of Science Student Council aims to train students to leadership, preserve camaraderie and brotherhood, expose students on academic and extra - curricular activities and maintain a harmonious relationship through different channels of communication among the College of Science students and the university.

Formal Arms

The College of Science Student Council shall have the Activities Coordinating Board (ACB) and the Students Legislative Assembly (SLA) as its formal arms. The Activities Coordinating Board (ACB) comprises all Presidents of all duly recognized student organizations of the College of Science and the Students Legislative Assembly (SLA) comprises all duly elected class presidents of the College of Science. Both arms have the CSSC President as its chairman. The formal arms are convened for the purpose of planning and informing the student body about the activities, projects and transactions of the CSSC.

College of Science Student Council Executive Board

The CSSC Executive Board shall be composed of a president, vice - president, secretary, treasurer, auditor and public relations officer. Internal and External vice - presidents, assistant secretary and assistant treasurer are optional positions.

Executive Board 2014-2015[edit]

  • President  : Dennis Edward P. Lagman
  • Internal Vice President  : Shane D. Villamanca
  • External Vice President  : Ferina Ma. Victoria A. DeRamos
  • Secretary  : Anne Bernadette G. Gatchalian
  • Asst. Secretary  : Paulina Aleccia L. Solano
  • Treasurer  : Anthony Jacque R. Sangco
  • Asst. Treasurer  : Jayseon V. Choi
  • Auditor  : Jac Fritgerald L. Wong
  • Public Relations Officer  : Eleanor Flordeliz C. Stohner
  • Chief of Staff  : Patricia Rose Angelu S. Hidalgo
  • Advisers  : Asst. Prof. Amalia M. Castro, M.A.
  •  : Asst. Prof. Mae Lowe L. Diesmos, M.Sc.

Executive Board 2013-2014[edit]

  • President  : Ramon Antonio H. King
  • Internal Vice President  : Jose Mari B. Garcia
  • External Vice President  : Dennis Edward P. Lagman
  • Secretary  : Venus Arliss Z. David
  • Asst. Secretary  : Anne Bernadette G. Gatchalian
  • Treasurer  : Jane Robin N. Camiña
  • Asst. Treasurer  : Joseph Benedict B. Arenas
  • Auditor  : Anthony Jacque R. Sangco
  • Public Relations Officer  : Ferina Ma. Victoria A. DeRamos
  • Chief of Staff  : Giana Marie F. Ferrer
  • Advisers  : Assoc. Prof. Rodrigo A.Litao, Ph.D.
  •  : Asst. Prof. Mae Lowe L. Diesmos, M.Sc.

Executive Board 2012-2013[edit]

  • President  : Cefeleen M. Cruz
  • Internal Vice President  : Ramon Antonio H. King
  • External Vice President  : Romulo Gabriel A. Kintanar
  • Secretary  : Giana Marie F. Ferrer
  • Asst. Secretary  : Francesca S. Lirio
  • Treasurer  : Wesley Daniel C. Advincula
  • Asst. Treasurer  : Sittie Zuleiha S. Salik
  • Auditor  : Jane Robin N. Camiña
  • Public Relations Officer  : Dennis Edward P. Lagman
  • Chief of Staff  : Chloe Chrysilla A. Laxa
  • Advisers  : Assoc. Prof. Rodrigo A.Litao, Ph.D.
  •  : Edilberto S. Gonzaga M.D.

Executive Board 2011-2012[edit]

  • President  : Karl Vincent C. Ocampo
  • Internal Vice President  : Cefeleen M. Cruz
  • External Vice President  : Chloe Chrysilla A. Laxa
  • Secretary  : Klarish Ann C. Ignacio
  • Asst. Secretary  : Giana Marie F. Ferrer
  • Treasurer  : Beatrice Joy B. Tomboc
  • Asst. Treasurer  : Romulo Gabriel A. Kintanar
  • Auditor  : Jan Cedric B. Mendoza
  • Public Relations Officer  : Jose Mari B. Garcia
  • Chief of Staff  : Ralph Philip L. Jimenez
  • Deputy Chief of Staff  : Justine Clarisse G. Meneses
  • Advisers  : Assoc. Prof. Rodrigo A.Litao, Ph.D.
  •  : Asst. Prof. Mae Lowe L. Diesmos, M.Sc.

Executive Board 2010-2011[edit]

  • President  : Vallance S. Edlagan
  • Internal Vice President  : Raizel Marie D.R. Luciano
  • External Vice President  : Katrina Angela T. Dionisio
  • Secretary  : Klarish Ann C. Ignacio
  • Asst. Secretary  : Celine R. Yap
  • Treasurer  : Mohanna L. Moya
  • Asst. Treasurer  : Roby Jose C. Abanto
  • Auditor  : Josephine Vera C. Dizon
  • Public Relations Officer  : Monina Angela O. de los Santos
  • Chief of Staff  : Karl Vincent C. Ocampo

Student organizations[edit]

  • Applied Physics Society (APSoc)
  • Biology Society (BioSoc)
  • Chemical Society (ChemSoc)
  • Mathematical Society (MathSoc)
  • Microbiology Society (MicroSoc)
  • Psychological Society (PsychSoc)
  • Community Achievers Association-Science Unit (ComAch)
  • College of Science Dance Troupe (CSDT)
  • College of Science Drumline (CSDL)
  • College of Science Glee Club (CSGC)
  • UST College of Science Journal (UST-CSJ)
  • Pax Romana-Science Unit
  • Red Cross Youth Council Science Unit (RCYC)
  • Scarlet-Science Unit
  • Science Debate and Drama Society (SDDS)
  • College of Science Varsity Council (CSVC)
  • Rotract-Science Unit

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Charlene Gonzales
  • Beverly Salviejo
  • Chester Medina
  • Sor. Ilumminada Coronel
  • Francisco Duque, III
  • Jove Francisco (a.k.a. Jovenal M. Francisco Jr. of BS Biology Batch '91) - Senior Correspondent and Anchor for TV5 (founding president of the Biology Society)
  • Michiko Yamamoto
  • Joel Cruz
  • Dr. Fortunato B. Sevilla, III


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