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University of Saskatchewan Graduate Students' Association
InstitutionUniversity of Saskatchewan
Established1992 (27 years ago) (1992)
PresidentEmerita M. Rengifo
Vice presidents
  • Finances & Operations:
    Mohammad W. Alam
  • Student Affairs:
    Alejandra Fonseca
  • External:
    Chiamaka Ezekwesili
Members+ 4,000
AffiliationsCanadian Federation of Students

The University of Saskatchewan Graduate Student's Association (GSA-uSask or UofS-GSA) is the university-wide representative body for graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan, located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. [1] It was established in 1985 as an office inside the University of Saskatchewan Student's Union (USSU), but it became an independent body only in 1992. Its head office is located at 1337 College Drive in the Emmanuel and St. Chad. The College of Emmanuel and St. Chad was designed by Webster, Forrester and Scott of Saskatoon and constructed in 1965 and 1966. [2][3]

"The GSA Commons is located on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis, and we pay our respect to the First Nations and Métis ancestors of this place and reaffirm our relationship with one another."


In 1984-85, it was created inside the USSU (University of Saskatchewan Students' Union) a group to handle issues specifically related to graduate students in the University of Saskatchewan.

In 1992, this group became an independent body, called University of Saskatchewan Graduate Student's Association. The GSA-uSask is a not-for-profit student organization that provides services, events, student clubs and advocacy work to the graduate students of University of Saskatchewan.

In the fall of 2006, the Emmanuel and St. Chad space earmarked for GSA-uSask. [2]

stained glass in the GSA Commons, Emmanuel and St. Chad Chapel.

Since 2016-17, the GSA is pleading for a seat on the U of S Board of Governors. [4] The Board is responsible for overseeing matters on management, administration and control of the university's property and financial affairs. [5] Currently, the U of S is the only university in the U15 group that doesn't have a seat for graduate students on the Board. Although changes on the composition of the Board depends on University of Saskatchewan Act's amendments (within the scope of the Provincial Legislature), recent support by the University Council is an indication that not only the graduate students consider this an important cause. [4]

In 1883 by an Act of Parliament, Emmanuel College was incorporated as “The University of Saskatchewan.” [2][6][7]

GSA Commons[edit]

Since 2007, Emmanuel and St. Chad Chapel holds the GSA-uSask headquarters, also referred as GSA Commons. The chapel was de-consecrated by a multi-faith opening ceremony. [2]


The governance of the University of Saskatchewan Graduate Student's Association is share among three bodies: the executive committee; the Council; and the Board of Directors. [1]

  • Executive committee: members of the University of Saskatchewan Graduate Student's Association elected by their peers for a one-year-long term of office.
  • GSA Council: composed of Academic Units' representatives, chosen in their Departments by their own rules. All graduate programs should have at least one representative in the monthly GSA Council meetings.
  • Board of Directors: Defined in the GSA Bylaws.

Academic Units[edit]

Student Clubs[edit]

The student clubs in the University of Saskatchewan may be ratified by the USSU and/or ratified by the GSA. Among the several student clubs in this University, there are those related to cultural backgrounds (students from other countries), professional associations, sustainability groups, religious studies, sports and many more.

Offered Services[edit]

Previous Executive Members[edit]

Academic year President VP Finances VP Operations VP Student affairs VP Academic VP External affairs Indigenous Liaison
2019-20 Emerita Mendoza Rengifo Mohammad Wajih Alam Mohammad Wajih Alam Alejandra Fonseca - Chiamaka Ezekwesili -
2018-19 Naheda Sahtout [12] Jesus Corona Gomez Jesus Corona Gomez Edgar Martinez-Soberanes [13] - Somto Ufondu [14] Marie-Eve Presber [15]
2017-18 [16] Ziad Ghaith David Bennett David Bennett Ali Kiani - Naheda Sahtout Iloradanon Efimoff
2016-17 [17] Ziad Ghaith Kusum Sharma Nafisa Absher Shailza Sapal Ali Kiani Carolyn Gaspar Dana Carriere
2015-16 [18] Rajat Chakravarty David Bennett Ziad Ghaith Hardi Shahadu Jebunnessa Chapola Natalia Terekhova Dana Carriere
2014-15 [19] Izabela Vlahu Mohammad Rafati Xin Lu Rajat Chakravarty Ranjan Datta Rahwa Osman Dana Carriere
2013-14 [20] Ehimai Ohiozebau Mohammad Rafati Kiri Staples Reanne Ridsdale Izabela Vlahu Steve Jimbo Dana Carriere
2012-13 [21] Ehimai Ohiozebau John McLeod Maily Huynh Steve Jimbo Dylan Beach Elizabeth O’Meara Nicole Callihoo


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