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University of South Asia
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Established 1987
Type Private
Chairman Mahmood Sadiq
Location Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Campus Cantt and Raiwind

The University of South Asia (USA) is a chartered university located in Lahore, Pakistan.[1] “Work Smart and Reach High” is that fundamental on which University of South Asia was established in 1988 as a computer training institution with the name of National College of Computer Sciences (NCCS). More than 100,000 students underwent rigorous training programs in the contemporary field of Computer Sciences. It was developed to promote computer education but has expanded to provide chartered degrees in fields that include Business Studies, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering,[2] Architecture,[3] Law,[4] Media Studies, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, and Fashion and Interior Design.[5]

All undergraduate and graduate programs at University of South Asia are recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC) and the government regulatory bodies in Pakistan. As a chartered university, all degrees awarded by the university are internationally recognized.[6]

The university has two campuses:

  • Cantt Campus
  • Raiwind Campus

The Vice Chancellor is Dr. Shafqat Ali Baig, a distinguished academician from the prestigious Imperial College of London.


The Sadiq Memorial Educational Society established a chain of National Colleges of Computer Science (NCCS) throughout the country to offer computer science programmes. The Bachelor of Computer Science program was launched in 1992 and Intermediate with Computer Science was introduced in 1994. In 1995 MBA and MCS programs were launched. The National Group of Colleges succeeded in the establishment of a chartered degree-awarding higher education institution called the Institute of South Asia on April 14, 2003 vide “The Institute of South Asia, Lahore, Ordinance 2003, Punjab Ordinance No. IV of 2003”. The institute was upgraded to the status of a university on May 29, 2004, with Chief Minister of the Punjab formally inaugurating the University of South Asia.

In order to increase the quality of education across Punjab, a chain of colleges "Heritage International Colleges" was launched. Business, Computer Sciences and Humanities are the disciplines that are promoted at these colleges.[7]



This department offers a five-year professional degree program "Bachelor in Architecture Design (B ARCH)". This program prepares students for the professional practice of architecture by learning how to design buildings and other aspects of the built environment. Students are trained in technical and design skills and equipped with the knowledge they need to be successful in the field. The program involves a lot of studio courses- which are designed to be stimulating, spontaneous and often difficult. Students who graduate are given a license number from PCATP on the successful completion of degree requirements.

*Biotechnology and Agro Sciences

This newly established department was created in response to market needs. Pakistan has a growing population, and in response, growing demand for agricultural output. There is a strong need for increased yield and application of new modern technology and knowledge that has helped countries like China, Bangladesh and Brazil to increase their yield per acre. This department aims to train students to tackle these issues and help farmers and agriculturists adopt new technologies and modernize Pakistan. The department offers the program Bachelor in Biotechnology and Agro Sciences.

*Building and Architecture

This department was established after observing a shortage of skilled project managers in construction. Pakistan has a booming construction industry- with an ever growing population, there is an increase in demand for housing and commercial buildings. The market requires experts who can add value in their company or people who can take up project management. This is only possible if people are trained in different aspects of building and architecture. The Bachelor program offered in this department teaches students the art of orchestrating all the components necessary to complete a building project within budget and on time. This program combines architecture, management, and technology to provide the practical knowledge and critical thinking skills that a successful role in construction requires.

*Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering offers a Bachelor and Master degree in Civil Engineering. The department aims to help students in acquiring knowledge and skills to become employable. This is done through the state of the art academic process of teaching and experimental work. University of South Asia can help you prepare for a quality future life at the national and international level.

*Computer Sciences

The Department of Computer Sciences offers a Bachelor and Master Degree in Computer Science. The Bachelor degree has multiple specializations to cater to the different interests of students. A mix of industry experts and academicians teach students and train them to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the field.

*Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering at University of South Asia offers an undergraduate and graduate degree in Electrical Engineering. Students work on dynamic projects in the final year of their undergraduate study under the supervision and guidance of their faculty. Students who successfully meet the requirements of the degree are given a Pakistan Electrical Engineering License.

*Fashion Design

The Fashion Design Department at University of South Asia offers a Bachelor and Masters in Fashion Design. The program covers multiple dimensions- from designing clothes, to understanding interiors, to designing furniture and fixtures. Students are taught an array of courses to develop their aesthetic and design skills. The undergraduate program involves a final year project where the work of four years is displayed- and students get an unmatched exposure while working for their final project.

*Health Sciences

The Health Sciences Department of University of South Asia offers professional degrees: Doctor of Nutrition Sciences and Doctor of Physiotherapy. Both are fields in which huge demand is expected in a few years. As obesity, diabetes, and other diet related diseases are on the rise- the demand for nutritionists has increased. People are more concerned about what they should eat and are seeking professional expertise to help them improve their lifestyle.


The Bar Council approved programs of the Law Department of University of South Asia trains the next generation of lawyers to develop knowledge, critical and analytical skills, and expertise to be good practicing lawyers.

*Management Sciences

The Department of Management Sciences offers multiple programs with different streams. Focus is laid on developing comprehension and analytical skills of students. The programs of this department prepares students to serve as effective, responsible managers in business, government or nonprofit sectors. The objective of management sciences programs is to prepare students to lead others in an organization. Student's creative and persuasive abilities are developed through projects and other activities incorporated in courses.

*Media Studies

The Department of Media Studies trains the next generation of media personnel who understand the technical and soft skills needed to succeed in the field. The faculty works as a close knit community with the students to develop their knowledge. Students are offered one to one guidance and are encouraged to pursue their interests. Students learn how to find information and how to communicate their findings through writing, speech, and other forms of expression, including multimedia tools such as digital videos. They learn the skills needed for working with a newspaper, radio and TV station, public relations agency and Web media.

*Career Counseling and Placement Center[8]

This Department offers students academic and career guidance to help them make informed decisions. The department regularly offers seminars for students and outsiders seeking to develop their skill sets as well.


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