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University of Swat
یونیورسٹی آف سوات
University Of Swat Logo..jpg
Motto مطابقت کے ساتھ معیاری تعلیم کے لئے خواہشمند
Motto in English
Aspiring for Quality Education with Relevance English
Established 7th of July 2010
Type Public
Chancellor Engineer Shaukatullah Khan Governor, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
President Prof. Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan
Provost Fida Hussain
Students 2000+
Location Swat, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa,  Pakistan

Urban Odigram Campus Wadudia Hall Campus

Dr. M Farooq Khan Shaheed Administration Block
Colours Antique Ruby, British Racing Green‹See Tfm›    ‹See Tfm›    
Sports Racing Games
Nickname UoS, Swat University
Affiliations HEC, PEC
University of Swat in Pashto

The University of Swat (Urdu: یونیورسٹی آف سوات‎) is a public sector University. The Main Campus of University of Swat is situated in Odigram, at a distance of 4 km away from main city Mingora, Swat Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan.


On May 29, 2010 the establishment of university of swat was announced by the Prime minister of Pakistan during his visit to Swat valley. The university came into formal existence at dated 07/07/2010 by the order of Honorable Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mr.Awais Ahmad Ghani with the prior approval of the President of Pakistan. Its first Vice Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan (Shaheed) was appointed on 23/08/2010. The Higher Education Department (HED) handed over two buildings to the university located at saidu sharif swat. Land Acquisition for the University's own campus has been initiated and shall be sorted out soon. In its first Academic session 2010-11 the university opened seven department [1]

Vice chancellors[edit]

  1. Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan
  2. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan

The athletics team represented University of Swat at HEC Intervarsity Championship 2014[edit]

The Athletics team represented University of Swat at HEC Inter varsity Championship 2014

The athletics team represented University of Swat at Higher Education Commission Pakistan (HEC) Intervarsity Championship 2014 held on April 22-24, 2014 at Pakistan Sport Complex Islamabad. The University Athletics team was consisted of 12 player who participated in the following games:

No Games
1 100 meter race
2 200 meter race
3 400 meter race
4 800 meter race
5 1600 meter race
6 5000 Meter Race
7 10,000 Meter race
8 4 x 100 Relay Race
9 4 x 400 Relay Race
10 Long jump
11 High Jump
12 Shotpot
13 Discuss through


In its first session 2010-11 the university opened the following seven disciplines and has completed two semesters.

  • Department of Business Administration
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Development Studies
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Law and Shari’a
  • Department of Statistics

In the session 2011-12 one discipline of Software Engineering and four more departments of Zoology, Microbiology and Environmental Sciences at BS level are introduced.

Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan presenting Salam-puri Shawl to the Korean Delegation.

Korean Delegation at University of Swat

Institute of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality Management hosted a dinner for the delegation of Buddhist Monks from the Republic of South Korea led by Hang Sang Beon who are visiting the religious Buddhist sites of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to highlight the strong ancient links between Korea and Gandhara under the name of “Gandhara Peace Tour”.


  • Institute of Culture Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality Management (ICHTHM)

The Institute of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality Management has been established with a view to save the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Swat region, to establish an archaeological and ethnic profile of the region, to explore the genesis of the cultural activities, to trace the complex and rich historical past of the ancient period of the country, to promote Eco- and cultural tourism of Pakistan in general and the Malakand division and the Northern Areas in particular, and to impart quality education at graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate levels at par with the international standards.It was prime need of the time to work on all aspects of the subject to create awareness among the general masses to play a vital role in the saving of their cultural heritage. It was also a need of time to prepare professionals trained in fields like Archaeology, Cultural Heritage Management, Tourism Management, Hotel Management and Conservation of Tangible and Intangible culture of our resource rich country according to the globally practiced trends and standards. The worthy voice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan took the bold step to establish the Institute of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality Management in University of Swat where professionals will be produced having sound knowledge and equipped with skills to protect and promote our rich heritage for the benefit of future generations and our country.

In the Future: Establishment of an Ethnological and Archaeological Museum in the University. Establishment of Archaeological Conservation and Research Laboratory.


University of Swat aims at utilizing its potential to set up best traditions in imparting education and skills with a focus on what is relevant to the area and to set up proper standards for achieving this objective. By the grace of Allah, it is determined to provide quality leadership to the area by strengthening the community, industry, social structure, and institutions. It focuses on bringing about that social change which ensures an atmosphere of understanding, tolerance, and mutual co-existence based on the development of freedom of expression and critical and constructive thinking. The objective of social and industrial evolution is ensured by following the principles of access, quality, relevance, objectivity, and upholding merit.


In Pakistan On 124 According to Higher Education Commission Of Pakistan in 2012

Chartered by Government of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa On 17 in 2012

Course levels and areas of studies[edit]

Certificate Diplomas
Associate Degrees
Bachelor Degrees
Master Degrees
Doctorate Degrees


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