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The University of Sydney plays host to numerous comedy revues each year. Each revue features comedy sketches, songs and videos written and performed by students, usually commenting satirically on current affairs, the supporting faculty and general student life.

The revues are produced and sponsored by the University of Sydney Union and presented in a collective "season".

Of the revues, the largest are the Arts Revue, Science Revue, Med Revue and Law Revue. 2007 saw the first Wom*n's Revue which returned in 2009 and then again in 2015, while the Commerce Revue made its debut in 2008. A Pharmacy Revue was planned for 2009, but was cancelled/postponed. The first Queer Revue was performed in 2010, whilst ACAR Revue made its unofficial debut in the Red Rattler at the end of 2015. Jew Revue, Vet Revue, Education Revue and Architecture Revue also feature in the season. Engineering Revue has been staged in Manning Bar since 2006, and was infamously saved in 2015 by a group of past-performers sourced from multiple revues whom put together a show in 2 days after the original cast fell through. The show trended across the country.

Past revuers have gone on to perform, write and produce shows in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the New York Fringe Festival, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Adelaide and Melbourne Fringe Festivals, in groups such as The Chaser, The Aunty Jack Show, The Ronny Johns Half Hour, The Axis of Awesome, Ben Jenkins & The Delusionists, and the Cloud Girls on triple j.

Most of the revues are performed in the Seymour Centre on the University's Darlington campus. Tickets are generally between $10 and $20, depending on discounts such as being a student union member.

Since 2013 a Best Of show has been staged as a part of the Sydney Comedy Festival, which is composed of the best performers and scenes from the previous season.

2009 Revue Season[edit]

The 2009 Revue season ran from 19 August to 24 September.

2010 Revue Season[edit]

The 2010 Revue season ran from 11 August to 18 September. The Arts Revue, 'The Wizard of Arts', opened the season on 11 August, and the Medicine Revue closed the season on 18 September, with 'Cadavatar'. Other revues included Law (How to Lose Votes and Aggravate People), Women's (Ghoul's Night), Commerce (Industryous Basterds), Queer (The Gay After Tomorrow), Engineering (How To Drain Your Flagon (Responsibly!)), Education and Social Work (The Shawshank Detention), Architecture (Ceci n'est pas une revue d'architecture) and Science (Sherlock Ohms and Doctor Wattson in The Charge of the Light Brigade).

2011 Revue Season[edit]

The 2011 Revue season (8 August – 3 September) was the first time the revue season had been condensed to 4 weeks.
Week 1: Medicine Revue 'Beauty and Deceased' in the York Theatre.
Week 2: Arts 'How We Learnt to Love Again' in the Everest Theatre; Law 'The Socially Awkward Network' in the York Theatre; Education and Social Work 'Gladi-ATAR' in the Reginald Theatre.
Week 3: Architecture 'Nineteen Eighty Floor' in the Reginald Theatre; Engineering 'James Blonde: The Man with the Golden Ale' in Manning Bar; Science 'NASAblanca' in the York Theatre
Week 4: Commerce 'Economy of Errors' in the Everest Theatre; Queer Revue "The Queen" in the Reginald Theatre.
Revues external to the Revue Season: The Veterinary Revue also formed part of the Revues programme for 2011 however the performance dates itself were outside the Revue Season and the performance of the show was held at Camden Campus.

2014 Revue Season[edit]

The 2014 Revue Season will run from 20 August until 27 September. It consists of Law (House of Clerks), Arts (The Unlimited Dream Factory), Architecture (The Price is Frank Lloyd Wright), Med (Snow White and the Seven Dollar Copayment), Commerce (Moolah Rouge), Queer (The Night Before Mardi Gras), Science (Trapeze Gets Degrees), Education and Social Work (The Land Before Timetables), Engineering (AGM of Thrones: A Song of Fire (Whiskey) on Ice), and Vet (The Acattery Awards). Jew Revue (Torah the Explorer) ran in late May.

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