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University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC)
Universitat de Vic - Universitat Central de Catalunya
MottoScientiae patriaeque impendere vitam (Latin)
Established1599 as Literary University of Vic, 1997 re-foundation of the current University
RectorJosep Eladi Baños
Academic staff
Administrative staff
CampusPrincipally in Vic and in Manresa
AffiliationsXarxa Vives d'Universitats
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The University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC), is a Catalan university with premises in Vic, Manresa and Granollers. It is a private institution, managed by the private Balmes University Foundation. Devoted to the upper education and to the research by means of the teaching and the continued formatio, has his fundamentals in the principle of university autonomy, expressed in the freedom of chair, of research and of study. The UVic-UCC is member of the Vives University Network.

It was recognised as a university the year 1997, fruit of the fusion of several centres of university studies of Vic ascribed to other universities. Initially, with headquarters only to the city of Vic, the year 2014 the University of Vic was reconstituted as University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia, as a result of the federation between the University of Vic and the university centres of Manresa managed by the Bages University Foundation.

The emblem of the University of Vic is the A of Charlemagne, piece of goldsmithing carolingian that symbolises the principles of the learning and his boundless expansion. The insignia that orients to the university, Scientiae patriaeque impendere vitam, is a verse of Lucan that means "Devote the life to the service of the science and the community".


The 26 of June of the year 1599, the king Philip III of Spain conceded to the General Study of Vic the privilege to graduate the students in Arts and Philosophy. It began the Literary University of Vic. The year 1717, as a reprisal for the War of the Spanish Succession, the king Phillip V of Spain suppressed all the Catalan universities, because they had been contrary to his cause, and founded the University of Cervera in a Catalan city that had remained faithful to him. The Literary University of Vic was the last to depose the degrees. The year 1749, founded the Seminar of Vic. The existence of the Seminar involved the return of upper studies to the city. The 19th century rooted with strength the tradition of the Student of Vic. The city turned into an important cultural focus of the Catalan Renaixença. Personalities of it cuts of Jaume Balmes, Jacint Verdaguer or the Jaume Collell i Bancells, and institutions like the Episcopalian Library and Archive of Vic, the Círcol Literari or the same Seminar are illustrative examples.

In 1873, the City council of the city tried without success establish the University of Vic, example that expresses the citizen worry to achieve a civil centre of upper education. Finally during the transition, after dictator Francisco Franco's death, the year 1977 created the University School of Teachers “Jaume Balmes” of Vic, ascribed to the University of Barcelona. The year 1979, created Eumo Editorial Editorial (EUMO is in Catalan the acronym of University School of Teachers of Osona) and the year 1984 created the 'study of design Eumogràfic. The 1987–1988P to be the first academic course to the University Studies of Vic with three university schools: the University School of Teachers Balmes, the University School of Business Studies of Osona, ascribed to the University of Barcelona and the University School of Infirmary Osona, ascribed to the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

The course 1989–1990 meant the put into motion of the Polytechnical University School of Osona and the course 1993–1994 opened the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation. In 1997, this group of centres ascribed turned into a new university when the 21 of May the Parliament of Catalonia approved the Law of Recognition of the University of Vic unanimously of all the political groups. It recovered, 280 years later, the last of the universities suppressed by Phillip V.

In 2013, the university initiated the process of federation with the Bages University Foundation, that managed a group of centres ascribed on the city of Manresa. The January 30, 2014 signed the agreement of federation between the Balmes University Foundation and the Bages University Foundation that gave place to the Universitat of Vic - Central University of Catalonia, establishing a frame of cooperation and government never seen before in the Catalan university system.


Rector Mandate
Ricard Torrents i Bertrana 1997–2002
David Serrat i Congost 2002–2006
Assumpta Fargas i Riera 2006–2010
Jordi Montaña i Matosas 2010–2018
Joan Masnou Suriñach July 2018 – Dec 2018
Josep Eladi Baños 2019 -

Highlighted teachers[edit]

  • Segimon Serrallonga i Morer (1930–2002), philologist, poet and translator.
  • Joaquim Maideu i Puig (1932–1996), pedagogue and composer.
  • M. Antònia Canals i Tolosa (1930), teacher and mathematical.


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