University of West Hungary

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University of West Hungary
University of West Hungary logo.jpg
Hungarian Soproni Egyetem (SOE)
English University of Sopron
German Universität Sopron
Arabic جامعة غرب المجر
Established 1735
Location Sopron, Hungary (EU)
Enrolment 15 000 total
School type Public University
Rector Prof. Dr. Sándor Faragó
Chancellor Dr. Dinnyés Álmos
Address 9400 Sopron

The main campus of the University of Sopron (Soproni Egyetem, abbreviated SOE) is located in Sopron.

The school traces its roots to 1735.[1]


  • College of Benedek Elek College of Pedagogy in Sopron
  • College of Forestry in Sopron
  • College of Wood Sciences in Sopron
  • College of Economics in Sopron


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