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Edmonton LRT station
University LRT Station 2312140960.jpg
Coordinates 53°31′30″N 113°31′19″W / 53.52500°N 113.52194°W / 53.52500; -113.52194Coordinates: 53°31′30″N 113°31′19″W / 53.52500°N 113.52194°W / 53.52500; -113.52194
Owned by City of Edmonton
Platforms Centre
Tracks 2
Structure type Underground
Depth 23 meters
Parking No
Bicycle facilities Yes
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Website University LRT Station
Opened 1992
Passengers (2017)
(typical weekday)
13,078 board
14,316 alight
27,394 Total[1]
Preceding station   Edmonton Transit System   Following station
toward Clareview
Capital Line
toward Century Park
toward NAIT
Metro Line

University station is an Edmonton Light Rail Transit station in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It serves both the Capital Line and the Metro Line. It is an underground station located beneath 112 Street at 89 Avenue on the University of Alberta campus.


University Station was opened August 23, 1992 and was the first LRT station located on the south side of the North Saskatchewan River.[2] It is connected to Grandin station by the Dudley B. Menzies Bridge,[3] a dedicated LRT bridge (with a lower level for pedestrians and cyclists). With the exception of the bridge and its approaches, the LRT line between Grandin Station and University Station runs through underground tunnels.

University Station was the southern terminus of the LRT line prior to the opening of the Health Sciences station on January 3, 2006.[4]

Station layout[edit]

The station has a 123 metre long centre loading platform that can accommodate two five-car LRT trains at the same time, with one train on each side of the platform. The platform is just over eight metres wide. Access to the platform is from a concourse level by stairs and escalators located at each end of the platform. There is also an elevator at the north end of the platform. The concourse level provides access to the surface and to the university's Housing Union Building (HUB). It is the deepest station on the line, at a depth of 23 m (75 ft) below the surface.[5]

Public art[edit]

University Station contains two sets of public art at either end of the concourse. "Tri: Making the Impossible Possible, 2003" is a suspended steel ball surrounded by a triangle, forming an optical illusion. "From Here 2003" is a series of 12 suspended aluminum sculptures. Both pieces were designed by University of Alberta students.[6]

Around the Station[edit]

University Transit Centre[edit]

University Transit Centre
University Transit Centre 4810270639.jpg
Platforms 3 bus bays[7]
Parking No
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Website University Transit Centre

The University Transit Centre is located above the LRT station on the transit and bicycle-only 89 Avenue. The transit centre is served by ETS, St. Albert Transit (StAT) and Strathcona County Transit (SCT). This transit centre does not have park & ride, a drop off area, public washrooms, pay phones, or vending machines, but does have a large shelter.[8]

The following bus routes serve the transit centre:[9][10][11]

Destination Routes
Belgravia 318 ETS
Bonnie Doon 4, 94 ETS
Calder 128 ETS
Capilano Transit Centre 4, 94 ETS
Castle Downs Transit Centre 128 ETS
Downtown 7, 57 ETS
Lessard 106 ETS
Lewis Farms Transit Centre 4, 133 ETS
Jasper Place Transit Centre 7 ETS
Parkallen 51 ETS
Northgate Transit Centre 130 ETS
Sherwood Park Bethel Transit Terminal 414 SCT
Sherwood Park Ordze Transit Centre 404 SCT
South Campus/Fort Edmonton Park Transit Centre 4, 54, 106 ETS
St. Albert Centre Exchange 203, 204 StAT
St. Albert Village Transit Station 203, 204 StAT
West Edmonton Mall Transit Centre 4, 106, 133 ETS
Westmount Transit Centre 128 ETS
Whyte Ave 4, 7, 54, 57, 94, 318 ETS
Windsor Park 318 ETS

The above list does not include LRT services from the adjacent LRT station.
School special routes that arrive/depart from University Transit Centre include routes: 725, 735, 739, 757, 763 and 926.[12]


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