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Dannii Minogue - Unleashed.jpg
Compilation album by Dannii Minogue
Released 5 November 2007
Recorded 1997-2004
Genre Dance, pop
Label Rhino, Warner Music UK
Producer Brian Higgins, Matt Gray, Roger Sanchez, Thomas Gustaffson, Hugo Lira, Ian-Paolo Lira, Neimo, Metro, Gareth Young, Pascal Gabriel, Thriller Jill, Bey Lukkem, Riva, Korpi & Blackcell, Jean Claude Ades, Ian Masterson, Terry Ronald, Pete Martin, TWIN
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Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Unleashed is a compilation album by Australian dance-pop singer Dannii Minogue. It was released by Rhino Entertainment and Warner Music UK on 5 November 2007. As this was a budget release compilation it was ineligible for the UK Albums chart.

Album History[edit]

This compilation album contains unreleased tracks and remixes and favourites chosen by the singer.[2] Commenting on the album's release, Minogue said that "this album is about my personal favourites - bringing you the best unreleased material, including club mixes that were number one and songs I've written with my favourite producers around the world."[3] Some releases of the album has an edited album cover. The edited cover is the same as the original, except that the exposed front of Dannii's leotard is coloured in black to cover her lower cleaveage, her bra, and her stomach; to match the rest of her leotard.[4]

The original track listing as advertised on www.play.com featured four additional song titles. The tracks "Weak", "Fear of Flying", "Karma Is a Bitch" and "Healing on the Dancefloor", composed by Swedish production duo Korpi & Blackcell disappeared from the final release. Permission to use the songs was not granted due to lack of financial incentive from the record company to the producers. The four tracks eventually leaked on website soundcloud.com in September 2011.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "All I Wanna Do" (Innocent Girl mix) Brian Higgins, Matt Gray, Stuart McLennan, Tim Powell Xenomania 4:43
2. "Blame It on the Music" Roger Sanchez, Terry Ronald, Dannii Minogue Roger Sanchez 3:51
3. "Spend Your Love on Me" Hugo Lira, Minogue, Negin, Thomas Elustafsson Those Random Boys 3:34
4. "Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling" (Jewels & Stone 7" mix) Bruno Alexandre, Matthieu Joly, James Khari, Minogue, Ronald, Camille Troillard Neïmo 3:34
5. "Going Going Gone" Lira, Minogue, Negin, Elustafsson Those Random Boys 3:05
6. "Everything I Wanted" (Metro 7" mix) Minogue, Mark Taylor, Steve Torch Metrophonic 3:58
7. "Undeniable" Cheryl Parker, Minogue, Sarah Eker, Gareth Young Gareth Young 3:12
8. "No Romeo" Pascal Gabriel, Minogue, Hannah Robbinson Pascal Gabriel 3:36
9. "Hide and Seek" (Thriller Jill Original Radio mix) Ronald, Ian Masterson, Minogue Thriller Jill 3:06
10. "Hurt in Love" Minogue, Ross Callum, Ronald Ross Callum 4:08
11. "Who Do You Love Now?" (with Riva) (Riva's Bora Bora edit) Horst Pulman, Guus Van Vlaanderen, Victoria Horn Riva 4:33
12. "Put the Needle on It" (Cicada Vocal Mix edit) Henrik Korpi, Mathias Johansson, Karen Poole, Minogue Korpi & Blackcell 4:06
13. "Come and Get It" (Alternative Radio edit) Jean-Claude Ades, Minogue, Robinson Jean-Claude Ades 3:11
14. "Begin to Spin Me Round" (Dannii vs Dead Or Alive) (Radio edit) Dacia Bridges, Olaf Kramolowsky, Ades, Pete Burns, Mike Percy, Steve Coy, Tim Lever, Minogue, Masterson Jean-Claude Ades 3:13
15. "Love Me Like This" Lira, Minogue, Negin, Elustafsson Those Random Boys 3:20
16. "Bad Weather" Ben Dobie, Joe Holweger, Minogue, Masterson, Ronald Thriller Jill 3:04
17. "Invitation" Parker, Minogue, Eker, Young Gareth Young 3:47
18. "It Won't Work Out" (Ross Cullum Single mix) Masterson, Ronald, Minogue Thriller Jill 4:17
19. "Viva L'Amour" (iTunes Bonus) Parker, Eker, Niclas Molinder, Joacim Persson TWIN 3:06


These are the formats of major album releases of Unleashed:

Release format Country Cat. no. Release date
CD[5] United Kingdom 5144-25205-2 5 November 2007

Cancelled "The Platinum Collection" album[edit]

The Platinum Collection
Dannii Minogue Platinum Collection.jpg
Compilation album by Dannii Minogue
Released Cancelled
Genre Dance, pop
Label Rhino, Warner Music UK
Producer Various

Originally planned in 2006 by Minogue's former label Warner Bros. Records as part of a series of back catalogue compilations released for other artists on their roster, this album was cancelled at the last minute due to interference from Minogue's management. Minogue was cited as being unhappy with the inclusion of some of the tracks (namely "Each Finger Has An Attitude") without her permission despite Warners ownership of the tracks. It was eventually replaced with the release of Unleashed.

Planned track listing[edit]

  1. "All I Wanna Do" (Radio Version)
  2. "Everything I Wanted" (Album Version)
  3. "Disremembrance" (Flexifingers Radio Edit)
  4. "Coconut"
  5. "Heaven Can Wait" (7" Mix)
  6. "Someone New" (7" Version)
  7. "Est Ce Que Tu M'aimes Encore?" (Riva featuring Dannii)
  8. "Put The Needle On It" (Radio Edit)
  9. "Begin To Spin Me Round" (Radio Edit)
  10. "Don't Wanna Lose This Groove" (Radio Edit)
  11. "It Won't Work Out" (Single Mix)
  12. "Come And Get It" (Alternative Radio Version)
  13. "Blame It On The Music"
  14. "Tut Tut (Does Your Mother Know?)"
  15. "Undeniable"
  16. "Karma Is A Bitch"
  17. "Viva L'amour"
  18. "Each Finger Has An Attitude"
  19. "It Won't Work Out" (Acoustic Version)


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