Unlimited (Susperia album)

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Susperia - Unlimited cover.jpg
Studio album by Susperia
Released 29 June 2004
Recorded October – December 2003
Genre Thrash metal, black metal, groove metal
Length 45:35
Label Tabu Recordings
Producer Susperia
Susperia chronology
Devil May Care
(2005)Devil May Care2005

Unlimited is third studio album by the Norwegian thrash metal band Susperia.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Chemistry" Athera Cyrus, Tjodalv, Memnock 4:34
2. "The Coming Past" Athera Cyrus 3:42
3. "Situational Awareness" Athera Cyrus 4:41
4. "Devil May Care" Athera, Memnock Elvorn, Cyrus 5:50
5. "Off the Grid" Athera Cyrus, Tjodalv 4:24
6. "Years of Infinity" Athera Cyrus, Memnock 4:46
7. "Home Sweet Hell" Athera Athera, Cyrus, Tjodalv 4:44
8. "Mind Apart" Athera Cyrus 4:17
9. "Beast by Design" Athera Cyrus 4:03
10. "Untouched" Athera Cyrus 4:34