Unlocking the Mystery of Life

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Unlocking the Mystery of Life is a 2003 intelligent design documentary film promoted and produced by Illustra Media (linked to Discovery Media, successor to the Moody Bible Institute's "Moody Institute of Science") and Focus on the Family.[1][2] The film's script was written by Stephen C. Meyer, who is director of the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute,[3] and it includes fellows of the institute such as Jonathan Wells and Michael Behe arguing for intelligent design and against evolution.[4]

It is promoted by Focus on the Family and Campus Crusade for Christ is providing a free copy to every school in Australia.[5] In 2005, Albuquerque PBS member station KNME originally declined to air the film because "The funders of this program have a clear and specific agenda that they openly promote" and the station did not want to take sides.[6] However, on May 22, 2005, the film aired on a commercial Albuquerque station, KOB-Channel 4.[7] Illustra Media states that after the film's release in September 2003, more than 40 PBS affiliates had aired the documentary.[8]

The film is widely criticized by scientists for its promotion of intelligent design.[9]

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