Unmistakeably Rainbow Trout

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Unmistakeably Rainbow Trout
Studio album by Poisoned Electrick Head
Released 1992
Genre Psychedelic rock, space rock, new wave, post-punk, indie rock
Label Dead Fly
Producer Poisoned Electrick Head
Poisoned Electrick Head chronology
Poisoned Electrick Head
(1992)Poisoned Electrick Head1992
Unmistakeably Rainbow Trout
The Big Eye Am
(1994)The Big Eye Am1994

Unmistakeably Rainbow Trout is the second album by the English psychedelic rock band Poisoned Electrick Head.

This album was a limited-edition cassette-only release sold via the band's fan club. Album tracks included the band's future No. 1 independent chart hit "Out of Order", which was also included on the band's next album The Big Eye Am (which had a wider release than Unmistakeably Rainbow Trout, including a CD issue). The album also included both tracks from the band's 1989 single "Trickeroo/Cap of Flies" and versions of two songs from 1986's Drink Me cassette album ("Dorothy" and "Head Song").

Track listing[edit]

(All songs by Poisoned Electrick Head)

  1. Diana's Gyroscope
  2. Astral Tjunc
  3. Thought You Thought You Was
  4. Dorothy
  5. Out Of Order
  6. Trickeroo
  7. Cap of Flies
  8. Head Song