Unnatural History II

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Unnatural History II
Compilation album by Coil
Released 1995 January
Genre Experimental
Length 1:13:12
Label Threshold House LOCI CD 10
Producer Coil
Coil chronology
The Angelic Conversation
Unnatural History II
Windowpane & The Snow

Unnatural History II (subtitled Smiling in the Face Of Perversity) was the second in a series of three compilation albums by Coil. Unlike Stolen & Contaminated Songs and Gold Is The Metal With The Broadest Shoulders, Unnatural History II collects songs from more than a single era of Coil's work.

Compilation origins[edit]

"Red Weather" originally appeared on the compilation cassette Bethel. "Theme From Blue I" and "Theme From Blue II" originally appeared on Themes for Derek Jarman's Blue. However "Theme From Blue I" is truncated 4 seconds and "Theme From Blue II" is combined with "The Hills Are Alive" due to a track indexing problem[citation needed] . "Airborne Bells" is from the Airborne Bells/Is Suicide a Solution? single. "Another Brown World" is from the 12"/CD compilation Myths 4 - Sinople Twilight In Catal Hüyük. "Contains A Disclaimer" is from the compilation Pathological Compilation. "The Hellraiser Theme" was released on The Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser as "Hellraiser". "The Hellbound Heart" and "No New World" were released on the CD version of The Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser. "The Box Theme" was also released on The Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser, as "Box Theme". "In Memory Of The Truth", "Unquiet Rest", and "Wait, Then Return" were previously unreleased material from The Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser session. "Vanishing Point" was released on the CD version of The Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser as "Attack Of The Sennapods". "The Main Title" was released as "Main Title" on all versions of The Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser. "The Hills Are Alive" was originally released on the compilation Macro Dub Infection Vol. 1.


John Balance is credited for participating on all tracks. Peter Christopherson is credited for participating on all tracks except "Red Weather". Stephen Thrower is credited for participating on tracks 3 through 14. Drew McDowall is credited for participating on track 2 and both songs on track 15.

Other information[edit]

Track 15 contains the songs "Themes From Blue II" and "The Hills Are Alive". The two tracks are separated by silence from 2:18 to 3:46. "The Hills Are Alive" is not listed on the track listing on the back insert or cd booklet.

"Another Brown World" & "Contains A Disclaimer" are slightly different mixes than what was originally released on compilations.

The album was originally shipped with a postcard.

This album is available via download at Coil's official website Thresholdhouse.com in aac, mp3, and lossless flac formats.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Red Weather" – 4:12
  2. "Theme From Blue I" – 2:31
  3. "Airborne Bells" – 5:21
  4. "Another Brown World" – 11:41
  5. "Contains A Disclaimer" – 7:34
  6. "The Hellraiser Theme" – 2:47
  7. "In Memory Of The Truth" – 2:57
  8. "Unquiet Rest" – 2:04
  9. "Wait, Then Return" – 2:11
  10. "The Hellbound Heart" – 2:21
  11. "The Box Theme" – 3:04
  12. "No New World" – 3:56
  13. "Vanishing Point" – 1:53
  14. "The Main Title" – 3:19
  15. "Theme From Blue II"/"The Hills Are Alive" – 11:04