Unnikale Oru Kadha Parayam

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Unnikale Oru Kadha Parayam
Unnikale Oru Kadha Parayam.gif
Poster designed by P. N. Menon
Directed by Kamal
Produced by Mohanlal,
Century Kochumon
Screenplay by John Paul
Story by Kamal
Starring Mohanlal,
Music by Ouseppachan
Cinematography S. Kumar
Edited by K. Narayanan
Distributed by Century films
Release date
  • 4 July 1987 (1987-07-04)
Country India
Language Malayalam

Unnikale Oru Kadha Parayam is a 1987 Malayalam film directed by Kamal starring Mohanlal and Karthika. The movie was produced under the banner of Cheers by Mohanlal and Century Kochumon and was distributed by Century films.[1]


Aby Abraham(Mohanlal) is a young man taking care of a bunch of orphan kids, leading a nomadic life. His relationship with the children often resembles that of the good shepherd and his sheep. Aby along with the children, rely on street magic performances as their means to survive. In one of their stays, they come across a father (Thilakan) to whom Aby confesses their story. Aby was kidnapped from his home as a young boy by a street performer who used to abuse him a lot. One night, Aby runs away from the man and is rescued by a rich and affluent Thomas Abraham (M. G. Soman) who becomes Aby's adoptive father.Thomas's sudden death again leaves Aby homeless and orphaned after Thomas's estranged wife (Valsala Menon) and brothers return to reclaim Thomas's wealth and kicks him out of the home. During this time Aby wanders in the streets with the little amount he has and comes across several street children who are abused or left orphaned. He empathizes with them and since then decides to protect and love them. After hearing his story, the father offers help to Aby and advices him to send the children to school so that they gain education enabling them to come out of homelessness and poverty. With financial aid from the father, Aby sets up a farm and settles down in order to back up the associated expenses. A close relative of Ouseppachan, (Innocent (actor)) Annie Mol (Karthika) who lost her parents in a plane crash, enters their life and falls in love with Aby. For his father's death anniversary, Aby returns to town only to find that he is a terminal heart patient. Determined to spend the last days of his life with the children and Annie, Aby flees from the hospital. Aby feels a responsibility towards the future of the children and sends them to the father's orphanage (an idea which he initially disagreed to) telling them that he's going on a long journey. Annie gets to know about Aby's illness and is devastated. Later the night Aby gets a vision of the children running up to him calling out his name. The next morning, father, Annie and the children come to visit Aby only to find eternal rest granted onto him.



  • Cinematography: S. Kumar
  • Editing: K. Narayanan
  • Art: Radhakrishnan
  • Advertising: P. N. Menon


The songs of this movie were penned by Bichu Thirumala to which the music was given by Ouseppachan.



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