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Unobe Station (宇野辺駅, Unobe-eki) is a monorail station on the Osaka Monorail located in Ibaraki, Osaka, Japan.



There is an island platform and two tracks elevated. The platform is sealed in with glass walls and doors.

1  Osaka Monorail Main Line for Kadomashi
2  Osaka Monorail Main Line for Osaka Airport


The original name of the station, Ibaraki, was the same as the city's main JR train station although there was no direct connection between the JR station and the monorail station. This caused confusion among passengers and finally the monorail station was renamed.

  • June 1, 1990: Station openes as Ibaraki Station (茨木駅)
  • April 1, 1997: Renamed as Unobe Station

Stations next to Unobe[edit]

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Osaka Monorail Main Line (18)
Bampaku-kinen-kōen (17) - Minami Ibaraki (19)

Coordinates: 34°48′28.88″N 135°33′16.12″E / 34.8080222°N 135.5544778°E / 34.8080222; 135.5544778