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Unofficial Member (Chinese: 非官守議員) is the name given to individuals who are members of the Executive Council of Hong Kong and Legislative Council of Hong Kong but who are not members of the Hong Kong Government. Before the direct election of Legislative Council members in 1991, the Government reflected the views and opinions of Hong Kong society by appointing members of the business and social elites to the two councils. These members acted as a bridge between local residents and the Government. From 1960s to 1980, the "unofficial members of both councils, together formed the UMELCO Office which handled the complaints of Hong Kong residents.[1]

These positions were appointments by the Governor of Hong Kong, to sit in the councils together with ex officio members. A Senior Unofficial Member would be appointed by the governor from among the unofficial members. Unofficial members might also be appointed to unelected or partially elected municipal and district councils, where there were ex officio members.

Currently the Executive Council of Hong Kong is still composed of ex officio members (official members since 1997) and unofficial members (non-official members since 1997). One of the non-official members is appointed by the Chief Executive (until 1997 the Governor) as the convenor (until 1994 the senior unofficial member[2]).

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