Unofficial organizations for Democrats

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Unofficial organizations for Democrats are those bodies, not officially affiliated with the United States Democratic Party, but are primarily intended for the participation of people who are at least self-described Democrats.

These are distinguished from official Democratic organizations such as

  • state or local affiliated party organizations that nominate and/or endorse candidates for the Democratic slates in the corresponding state or local elections, and participate in the selection of delegates to higher-level Democratic conventions,
  • officially affiliated caucuses, and similar organizations, intended on one hand to aid factions, tendencies, or demographic or occupation categories to organize themselves in the furtherance of their collective influence in the party, and on the other hand to facilitate effective recruitment of those constituencies in the activities of the party (for example, the Young Democrats of America), and
  • officially affiliated organizations focused on outward-looking tasks, such as the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, a Democratic National Committee affiliate that works for the election of Democratic candidates to state legislatures.

National unofficial organizations[edit]