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Unsanity was a Mac OS X shareware software developer founded in May 2000, notable for coining the term "haxie".

Unsanity first arrived on the scene in 2000 with two popular audio player applications, Mint Audio and Unsanity Echo.[1]

Their most popular software includes ShapeShifter and WindowShade, utilising their freeware Application Enhancer module. On February 24, 2008, beta versions of some of their major products were introduced which were compatible with Leopard, bringing Leopard compatibility to their product line for the first time after a long wait of over three months since the introduction of Leopard.

The introduction of Leopard initially led to negative publicity for Unsanity, as many users with old versions of Application Enhancer installed suffered system crashes upon upgrading to Leopard.[2] Many also believe that Apple actively tries to prevent third party applications from modifying the user interface in order to maintain control over the consistency of the product's appearance.[3]


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