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Origin Finland
Genres gothic metal, symphonic metal
Years active since 2000
Labels Crash Music, Massacre
Website www.unshine.com
Members Susanna Vesilahti
Harri Hautala
Jari Hautala
Jukka "Stibe" Hantula
Teemu "Teemal" Vähäkangas

Unshine is a gothic metal, symphonic metal band from Helsinki, Finland.


Unshine was formed in May 2000, when Susanna Vesilahti visited the rehearsal of the band for the first time. The other members, who had known each other for some years from other projects, describe that as a "kind of a musical awakening".[citation needed] At that time the band had their rehearsal room at the cellar of the "Manala" restaurant in Helsinki.

The next years were filled with rehearsals and composing. At the beginning of 2002, Unshine self-produced their first demo which was called "Promo 2002", on which they published three songs. In the following summer, they had their first public gigs, which were followed by their second demo, "Promo 2003".

Their debut-album Earth Magick was recorded in 2004 by Low Frequency Records. One year later it was released in Finland and North-America by Crash Music. Unshine's second album, The Enigma of Immortals, was released in April 2008. In 2013, the third studio album Dark Half Rising was released via Massacre Records.[1]


In reviews, their music has described as gothic metal and atmospheric symphonic metal,[2][3]although they categorize themselves as druid metal.[4] Unshine's early style has been interpreted as being torn between bands like Nightwish and Lacuna Coil and a much more pop-oriented direction.





  • Promo 2002 (2002)
  • Promo 2003 (2003)


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