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Unsimulated sex

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In the film industry, unsimulated sex is the presentation in a film of sex scenes where the actors engage in an actual sex act, and are not just miming or simulating the actions. At one time in the United States such scenes were restricted by law and self-imposed industry standards such as the Motion Picture Production Code.[1] Films showing explicit sexual activity were confined to privately distributed underground films, such as stag films or "porn loops". Beginning in the late 1960s, most notably with Blue Movie by Andy Warhol, mainstream movies began pushing boundaries in terms of what was presented on screen.[2] Although the vast majority of sexual situations depicted in mainstream cinema are simulated (in early pornography, the main actors engaged in simulated sex, with inserts placed in the film), on rare occasions actors engage in real sex.[3] The difference between these films and pornography is that, while such scenes might be considered erotic, the intent of these films is not solely pornographic.[4]

Notable examples include two of the eight Bedside-films and the six Zodiac-films from the 1970s, all of which were produced in Denmark and had many pornographic sex scenes, but were nevertheless considered mainstream films (they all had mainstream casts and crews, and premiered in mainstream cinemas).[5] The last of these films, Agent 69 Jensen i Skyttens tegn, was made in 1978. From the end of the 1970s until the late 1990s it was rare to see hardcore scenes in mainstream cinema, but this changed with the success of Lars von Trier's The Idiots (1998), which heralded a wave of art-house films with explicit content,[6][7] such as Romance (1999), Baise-moi (2000), Intimacy (2001), Vincent Gallo's The Brown Bunny (2003), and Michael Winterbottom's 9 Songs (2004). Some simulated sex scenes are sufficiently realistic that critics mistakenly believe that they are real, such as the cunnilingus scene in the 2006 film Red Road.[8]


In an interview after the release of his film Love, when asked why audiences want to see realistic portrayals of sex, Gaspar Noé suggested it's really about power structures: "In most societies whether they’re western or not, people want to control the sexual behaviour or to organise it in a precise context. Sex is like a danger zone. Sometimes class barriers fall down and it scares a lot of people. It’s about states controlling their systems, like religion."[9]

James Franco has cited "aesthetics and personal reasons" for why he worked on Interior. Leather Bar. (2013):

I've been a part of professional mainstream film for 17 years, and then in addition to that, I am a citizen of the United States and, you know, I am engaged with its mainstream culture, but I've also done a fair amount of studying queer theory or queer cinema classes. So I’ve found that my place, one thing that my position allows, is a way to bring these two worlds together and also question the rules of mainstream cinema or mainstream culture, to examine why things are made the way that they are, why some subject matter is presented in one way and not another, and how those things shape us as people, how it shapes our beliefs, how it shapes the way that we live. If we can question those things or introduce alternative ways of viewing lifestyles or whatever it might be in mainstream cinema or indie cinema or art cinema, I think it can only be for the good. If other voices or other kinds of discussions or storylines or narratives from different perspectives are introduced, it will only make us richer as a people.[10]

Production issues

A few directors have openly discussed or written about the technical problems inherent in filming of actual sexual acts, particularly with actors or actresses who have never performed such acts on film. In an interview with BlackBook, Gaspar Noé acknowledges that it is difficult for several reasons: an actor may not be able to get or maintain an erection in the presence of even a small crew, or on camera; either of the partipants may have a current partner. "So I've decided that the best way to show real sex is to cast two single people who used to be a couple."[11]

Films with unsimulated sexual activity

The following mainstream films have scenes with verified real sexual activity, meaning actors or actresses are filmed engaging in actual coitus or performing related sexual acts such as fellatio and cunnilingus. This list does not include documentaries about pornography, which may contain unsimulated sexual activity. For example, Inside Deep Throat contains approximately 30 seconds of unsimulated fellatio.[12]

Title Year Notes Language
Gift 1966 One of the first Danish mainstream films with explicit and unsimulated sex scenes, although key sex scenes were blocked by censors during showings at the time in the United States.[13] Danish
Blue Movie 1969 A 1969 film by Andy Warhol – the first film depicting explicit sex to receive wide theatrical distribution in the United States[14][15][16][17][18] – a seminal film in the Golden Age of Porn (1969–1984) and, according to Warhol, a major influence in the making of Last Tango in Paris, an internationally controversial erotic drama film, starring Marlon Brando, and released a few years after Blue Movie was made.[16] English
99 Women 1969 There are two different versions of this film by Jess Franco: Director's Cut (released in 1969) and X-Rated "French version" which contains eight hardcore scenes that were shot by Bruno Mattei (released in 1974).[19][20] English
Double Face 1969 There is a French hardcore version of this film, directed by Riccardo Freda featuring an actress Alice Arno under the title Chaleur et jouissance.[21][22] Italian
Quiet Days in Clichy 1970 Film, directed by Jens Jørgen Thorsen, is based on the long-banned novel by Henry Miller and contains a graphic insert of hardcore sex early on.[23] Danish, English
Groupie Girl 1970 Groupie Girl, directed by Derek Ford is also available in hardcore "export" version.[24] English
The Deviates 1970 A film directed by Eduardo Cemano contains hardcore inserts which involve Harry Reems.[25] English
Bacchanale 1970 American film directed by John and Lem Amero contains some hardcore inserts. It focuses primarily on the "erotic surrealism" and "dream-logic". Actually, the whole film is a dream that mixes death, guilt, eroticism and incest.[26] English
Kama Sutra '71 1970 American film, directed by Raj Devi features hardcore scenes, involving an actress Ann Perry (died in 2015).[27] English
Cry Uncle! 1971 This film by John G. Avildsen shows unsimulated fellatio.[28] English
Slaughter Hotel 1971 A film, directed by Fernando Di Leo is also released in a version featuring hardcore inserts of female genitalia and lesbian intercourse. This version circulated in France under the title Les insatisfaites poupées érotiques du docteur Hitchcock.[29] Italian
A Lizard in a Woman's Skin 1971 There are three French versions of this film by Lucio Fulci: Carole (the original version released in 1971), and two versions released in 1976: Le Venin de la Peur (renamed original version) and X-rated version with hard inserts under the title Les Salopes vont en Enfer.[30][31] Italian
Luminous Procuress 1971 A film , directed by Steven F. Arnold, featuring some hardcore heterosexual sex.[32] English
Secret Rites 1971 British pseudo-documentary film[33] by Derek Ford is also available in hardcore "export version".[24] English
Pink Flamingos 1972 This film by John Waters was banned in Australia in 1997. The Board unanimously noted a scene which included "close up real depictions of actual fellatio....which unambiguously contravene R classification guidelines.".[34] English
Who Killed the Prosecutor and Why? 1972 There is a version of this film, directed by Giuseppe Vari made for foreign market with hardcore inserts.[35] Italian
So Sweet, So Dead 1972 This film, directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero was released in the USA under the title Penetration with hardcore inserts.[36] Italian
The Red Headed Corpse 1972 There is the DVD Version of this film, directed by Renzo Russo with hardcore inserts taken from the French VHS Version under the title La peau qui brûle.[37] Italian
Commuter Husbands 1972 British film by Derek Ford exists also in a version with hardcore inserts, but there is no suggestion that any of the credited cast did HC.[24] English
Delirio caldo 1972 A German double DVD from 2014 entitled Das Grauen kommt nachts contains four different versions of this film by Renato Polselli (also known as Death at the Villa and Delirium) including the French hardcore version.[38] Italian
Cristiana monaca indemoniata 1972 Uncut version of this film, directed by Sergio Bergonzelli contains HC scenes.[39][40] Italian
I Jomfruens tegn 1973 First film in the Danish Zodiac-series of mainstream-comedies with hardcore scenes.[13] Danish
Thriller – A Cruel Picture 1973 The original Swedish cut of this film, directed by Bo Arne Vibenius, contains explicit hardcore inserts.[41][42] Swedish
A Scream in the Streets 1973 Film by Carl Monson and several other directors contains a few seconds of actual penetration.[43] English
The Devil in Miss Jones 1973 American Film directed by Gerard Damiano and reviewed favorably by Roger Ebert.[44] English
The Obscene Mirror 1973 A number of versions of this film exist. Each version contains unique scenes and was prepared for different markets: the Spanish version (Al otro lado del espejo), two French versions (Le miroir obscène), one with hardcore inserts, and the Italian version (Lo specchio del piacere) which restructures the film substantially and includes some different hardcore inserts to the French XXX version.[45] Spanish
Sinner: The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac 1973 This film by Jess Franco, also known as Le Journal intime d'une nymphomane exists in versions featuring hardcore sex.[46] French
A Virgin Among the Living Dead 1973 A Virgin Among the Living Dead is one of the films from Jess Franco’s classic period and exists under a plethora of different versions, including both hardcore and edited versions.[47] French
The Sinful Dwarf 1973 There are at least two versions of this film directed by Vidal Raski: Unrated US theatrical version, titled The Abducted Bride and Danish hardcore version, titled The Dwarf.[48] English
The Devil's Plaything 1973 A film directed by Joseph W. Sarno, in its uncut version features many explicit scenes, including a close-up scene of female masturbation by dildo.[49] English
Anita: Swedish Nymphet 1973 Swedish film, directed by Torgny Wickman. "Because of its serious treatment of nymphomania as a disease, Anita is not at all erotic, despite the typically high bar for Scandinavian nudity".[50] This film exists in many versions, including a hardcore version released in the United States in 1975 under the title Anita, Swedish Nymphette.[51] Swedish
The Sex Thief 1973 There is also a hardcore version of this British film by Martin Campbell, although there is no suggestion that any of the credited cast did HC scenes.[24] English
Emmanuelle 1974 A film, directed by Just Jaeckin contains a scene where the woman places the cigarette in her vagina and allows it to inhale and exhale the smoke.[52] French
Zelda 1974 For the French version, director Alberto Cavallone shot additional h/c scenes.[53] Italian
I Tyrens tegn 1974 Second film in the Danish Zodiac-series of mainstream-comedies with hardcore scenes.[13] Danish
Score 1974 American film by Radley Metzger, based on an off-Broadway play that included Sylvester Stallone. It features a scene of unsimulated fellatio between Calvin Culver and Gerald Grant.[54][55][56] English
The Girls of Kamare 1974 A Situationist film, directed by René Viénet contains hardcore footage inserted by Viénet himself.[57] Japanese
Sweet Movie 1974 This film by Dušan Makavejev contains some unsimulated sex acts.[58] English, French, Polish, Spanish
Flossie 1974 A 1974 Swedish erotic film, featuring an actress Marie Forså, exist in both original Swedish XXX version and edited R-rated version.[59] Swedish
Immoral Tales 1974 This film, directed by Walerian Borowczyk consists of four stories, titled La marée, Thérèse philosophe, Erszébet Báthory, and Lucrezia Borgia, respectively. In the third story, there is a close up scene of vaginal pearl insertion performed by an actress Marie Forså.[60][61] The German Blu-ray edition of Immoral Tales contains a (pixelated) film clip from Borowczyk's A Private Collection that features an unsimulated bestiality between a woman and a dog.[61] French, Italian, Hungarian
Countess Perverse 1974 Both the French theatrical version "Les croqueuses" and the Italian version (under the title "Sexy Nature") of this Jess Franco's film contain hardcore inserts.[62] French
Carnal Revenge 1974 A French VHS version of this film, directed by Alfredo Rizzo and titled Obsessions Charnelles contains hardcore scenes.[63] Italian
Keep It Up, Jack 1974 British sex comedy film directed by Derek Ford exists also in a version with hardcore inserts, however there is no suggestion that any of the credited cast did HC scenes.[24] English
The Hot Girls 1974 British film by John Lindsay has also hardcore export version; it is not clear if the credited cast performed in the extra HC sequences.[24] English
The Black Peacock also known as Il Pavone nero 1974 A film directed by Osvaldo Civirani exists in both softcore and hardcore versions.[64][65] Italian
I Tvillingernes tegn 1975 Third film in the Danish Zodiac-series of mainstream-comedies with hardcore scenes.[13] Danish
Der må være en sengekant 1975 Sixth film in the Danish Bedside-series of erotic mainstream-comedies, and one of the two to have hardcore scenes.[13] Danish
The Image 1975 This film by Radley Metzger, based on the novel L'Image by Catherine Robbe-Grillet, features many unsimulated sex scenes including S&M, fellatio and cunnilingus.[66] English, French
Black Emanuelle 1975 This film, directed by Bitto Albertini exists in both softcore and hardcore versions. Hardcore scenes were performed by body doubles. In Italy, it was released on DVD by Stormovie with the fully uncut hardcore print.[67][68] Italian
Emanuelle e Françoise le sorelline 1975 A German version of this film directed by Joe D'Amato, and titled Die Lady Mit der Pussycat contains hardcore footage featuring Brigitte Lahaie.[69][70] Italian
The Hot Nights of Linda 1975 There are two different versions of this film directed by Jess Franco: softcore version and hardcore French version.[71] French
Female Vampire 1975 There are at least three different versions of this film by Jess Franco (also known as Erotic Kill): a horror-version, a "Soft"-erotic-version and a Hardcore-version, which is actually the "Soft"-version with four additional hardcore scenes and may be found on the German DVD by Laser Paradise.[72][73] French
L'Éventreur de Notre-Dame 1975 A film by Jess Franco exists in many different versions, including a version titled "Sexorcisme" with hardcore scenes.[74] French, Latin
Justine and Juliette 1975 A film directed by Mac Ahlberg contains hardcore scenes.[75] Swedish
The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance 1975 This film, directed by Alfredo Rizzo was released in France under the title L’Insatiable Samantha. This version contains some hardcore scenes.[76] Italian
Lips of Blood 1975 The director Jean Rollin shoot also "art-house"-hardcore version of this film which was released as Suce Moi Vampire.[77] French
Wham! Bam! Thank You, Spaceman! 1975 This film, directed by William A. Levey exists in both softcore and hardcore XXX version whereas the h/c scenes were performed by body doubles.[78] English
Breaking Point 1975 The third film directed by Swedish director Bo Arne Vibenius features relatively numerous sexual acts. However, in this film all scenes are non-simulated (performed by the actors) and yet the "exploitation/porn side" of the film is rather problematic for several reasons. This film begins with rape scene, has a linear plot and overall "psychological complexity" as well as interesting soundtrack. All that makes this film more artistic then his previous and more known film Thriller – A Cruel Picture which, with its hardcore inserts belongs more to exploitation genre.[79] English
Rolls-Royce Baby 1975 A film directed by Erwin C. Dietrich. "The film stops short of hardcore, but not far short, with explicit masturbation and fellatio scenes often showing up".[80][81] German
Girls Come First 1975 There is also a version of this British film, directed by Joseph McGrath with extra hardcore sequences, but it is not clear if any of the credited cast was involved in it.[24] English
The Sexplorer 1975 British Sex comedy film by Derek Ford has also a version with HC inserts for foreign markets.[24] English
Barbed Wire Dolls 1976 This film by Jess Franco in its uncut version contains explicit scene of digital penetration which had to be removed from the UK DVD version by Anchor Bay in order to achieve an 18 classification.[82] French
Emanuelle in Bangkok 1976 Directed by Joe D'Amato this film, in its uncut Italian DVD version, contains a hardcore shots of vaginal penetration by ping pong balls.[83] Italian
Alice in Wonderland 1976 American film produced by William Osco and reviewed favorably by Roger Ebert.[84] English
Sømænd på sengekanten 1976 Eighth and final film in the Danish Bedside-series of erotic mainstream-comedies, and one of the two to have hardcore scenes, including extensive clips from the short Color Climax #1283: Mail Order Sex (1973), watched on 8mm by the ship's crew.[13] Danish
I Løvens tegn 1976 Fourth film in the Danish Zodiac-series of mainstream-comedies with hardcore scenes.[13] Danish
In the Realm of the Senses 1976 This film has many experimental and avant-garde elements features hardcore sex scenes, showing genitals of actors. Based on a true story of a Japanese prostitute, features fellatio and other non-simulated sexual acts.[85][86] Japanese
Through the Looking Glass 1976 Film by Jonas Middleton with many experimental and avant-garde elements. Middleton shot three different versions of the film (two softcore, one hardcore) in order to market the film to different audiences.[87] English
A Real Young Girl 1976 This film is Catherine Breillat's first feature film, shot in 1975, but banned for the next 25 years, mostly due to hardcore nature of its content. Some controversial scenes show: full frontal vagina, bodily fluids, urination and masturbation.[88][89][90] French
Die Marquise von Sade 1976 This film by Jess Franco contains some hardcore scenes.[91] German
Girls in the Night Traffic 1976 Girls in the Night Traffic is the title of the softcore version, while Wild Lust is the title of the hardcore version of this Jess Franco's film.[92][93] German
The French Governess 1976 A film, directed by Demofilo Fidani exists in at least three versions: the erotic drama under the title Calde labbra, the hardcore version under the title Burning Lips and the Italian DVD of "Cine Sexy" which is a mixture of previous two versions.[94] Italian
Inhibitions 1976 There are both softcore and hardcore versions of this erotic film by Paolo Poeti: The Hardcore version contains a close-up scene of female masturbation.[95] Italian
Sex Express 1976 Also known as Diversions, this British film directed by Derek Ford is also available in hardcore "export" version.[24] English
Keep It Up Downstairs 1976 This British film by Robert Young also exists in a version with hardcore inserts that involved body doubles for the main stars.[24] English
Secrets of a Superstud 1976 Directed by Morton L Lewis and Alan Selwyn, this British film was also shoot in hardcore export version, entitled It's Getting Harder All the Time.[24] English
The Office Party 1976 British film , directed by David Grant has also a hardcore export version.[24] English
The Angel and the Woman (L'Ange et la femme) 1977 This film by Gilles Carle contains some explicitly unsimulated sexual activity between its stars.[96] French, English
Agent 69 Jensen i Skorpionens tegn 1977 Fifth film in the Danish Zodiac-series of mainstream-comedies with hardcore scenes.[13] Danish
Nazi Love Camp 27 1977 This film by Mario Caiano features actual penetration.[97] Italian
Shining Sex 1977 This film by Jess Franco was released in two versions; the softcore version (as Shining Sex) for the English market and in a versions with h/c scenes for the French market, under the title La Fille au sexe brillant.[98] French
Emanuelle in America 1977 A film by Joe D'Amato exists in both softcore and hardcore versions.[99] Italian
Emanuelle Around the World 1977 The hardcore European version of this film by Joe D'Amato, prepared for the French market contains penetration, oral sex, and the bestiality scenes with the snake and the dog.[100] Italian
Sister Emanuelle 1977 There is also the Danish DVD version of this film by Giuseppe Vari with hardcore sex scenes.[101] Italian
Under the Bed 1977 British film, directed by David Grant exists in a version with HC footage.[24] English
The Mark 1977 Greek film, directed by Ilias Mylonakos exists in many versions, including a French hardcore version under the title Call Girl.[102] English
The Ceremony 1977 A film (also known as Erotiki Teleti) directed by the prolific Greek director Omiros Efstratiadis exists in many versions, including the hardcore ones. There exists a rather bad VHS copy of the full uncut hardcore version under the title Itan kapote parthenes.[103] Greek
Monsieur Sade 1977 A film, directed by Jacques Robin opens with one "truly pornographic scene", while the rest of the footage is mostly simulated.[104] French
Le calde notti di Caligola 1977 Erotic comedy film about Caligula (also known as The Caligula's Hot Nights), directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero; shot in two versions, whereby one of which was prepared for foreign market and contains hardcore scenes, including one penetration and several fellatio scenes.[105] Italian
Agent 69 Jensen i Skyttens tegn 1978 Sixth and final film in the Danish Zodiac-series of mainstream-comedies with hardcore scenes.[13] Danish
Behind Convent Walls 1978 The uncut version of this film by Walerian Borowczyk features hardcore scene of female masturbation by a wooden dildo.[106][107] Italian
Blue Movie 1978 This film, directed by Alberto Cavallone, also exists in uncut 8mm version with hardcore material that includes fellatio and intercourse scenes.[108] Italian
Sister of Ursula 1978 An Italian giallo film from director Enzo Milioni. Despite of nudity and a number of lengthy sex scenes, this film didn't sacrify its plot and logic for sex, (although there are also the opposite opinions). Instead, it manages to work these elements into an impressively well written plot. Sister of Ursula exists in both uncut softcore version and hardcore version that was later created by the producer using HC inserts.[109] The existence of the HC version was also confirmed by director Milioni himself.[110] Italian
The Coming of Sin 1978 There are at least two versions of this film, directed by José Ramón Larraz: Sex Maniac and an Italian PAL VHS version Sodomia that contain hardcore inserts.[111] Spanish
Pleasure Shop on the Avenue 1978 Erotic triller film (also known as Il porno shop della settima strada), directed by Joe D'Amato was originally shoot as a softcore, and then at the request of the producers, some hardcore footage was added. The full hardcore version of the film can be found on the Italian DVD by Cinesexy, released in 2015.[112] Italian
You're Driving Me Crazy 1978 There is a hardcore version of this film by David Grant, but it is not clear if any of the cast participated in the HC inserts.[24] English
Immoral Women 1979 This film, directed by Walerian Borowczyk consists of three stories titled Margherita, Marceline, and Marie, respectively. In the first story, Margherita, there is an unsimulated intercourse scene.[113] French, Italian
Caligula 1979 Uncut version of this film includes several authentic sex scenes, including penetration, fellatio and ejaculation during the six minutes worth of inserts shot by the film's producer, Bob Guccione. The sex shot by Tinto Brass in the rest of the movie, although very explicit, was simulated.[114] English
Images in a Convent 1979 This film by Joe D'Amato contains many explicit sex scenes including hardcore sex in the rape scene.[115] Italian
Play Motel 1979 A film directed by Mario Gariazzo. Blu-ray A America - Raro Video contains approximately 7 minutes of extra hardcore footage.[116] Italian
Giallo a Venezia 1979 A Brazilian VHS version of this film, directed by Mario Landi under the title Pesadelo em Veneza contains "XXX" scenes.[117] Italian
The Malicious Whore 1979 A horror film, directed by Andrea Bianchi features hardcore scenes.[118] Italian
Erotic Nights of the Living Dead 1980 This Joe D'Amato's film exists in two versions: explicit version with hardcore scenes (Hardcore Version) and a rated general release that removes all the hardcore scenes (Original Version).[119][120] Italian
Flying Sex (Sesso profondo) 1980 An Italian film, directed by Marino Girolami contains several hardcore sex scenes.[121] Italian
Hotel Paradise 1980 Both of softcore and hardcore versions of this film, directed by Edoardo Mulargia can be found on the Danish DVD by Another World Entertainment.[122] Italian
Sex and Black Magic 1980 This, mostly softcore film by Joe D'Amato shows one brief hardcore insert.[123] Italian
Hard Sensation 1980 A film by Joe D'Amato belongs to a rape and revenge genre and contains hardcore scenes.[124] Italian
Exotic Malice 1980 Both American DVD by One 7 Movies and German DVD by X-Rated Kult Video contain hardcore version of this film, directed by Joe D'Amato (also known under the title Sesso Nero).[125] Italian
Bare Behind Bars 1980 A film by Oswaldo de Oliveira, features explicit sex scenes (mostly lesbian), and at least one hardcore heterosexual scene.[126] Portuguese
Beast in Space 1980 There is also a hardcore version of this film by Alfonso Brescia.[127] Italian
Taxi zum Klo 1980 A film directed by Frank Ripploh features hardcore gay sex scenes.[128] German, English, French
Spetters 1980 This film directed by Paul Verhoeven features explicit hardcore sex scenes, including oral sex.[129] Dutch
Sweet Hot Lisa 1980 This is a literal translation of an Italian film Dolce… calda Lisa from 1980, written and directed by Adriano Tagliavia,[130] credited as Adriano Cesari.[131] It contains hardcore fellatio scene.[132] Italian
Fruits of Passion 1981 This film by Shūji Terayama contains unsimulated fellatio.[133] Cantonese, Japanese, English, French
Emmanuelle in Soho 1981 British film, directed by David Hughes is also available in a hardcore version with different performers, two female and one male.[24] English
Porno Holocaust 1981 In his book,[134] assistant professor Danny Shipka of Louisiana State University gave both Porno Holocaust and Erotic Nights of the Living Dead negative reviews, criticizing the acting, gore, and sex scenes, and concluding that the merging of "hardcore sex and extreme violence is disturbing". Italian
Caligula 2 - The Untold Story 1982 The uncut European version of this film, directed by Joe D'Amato contains hardcore scenes.[135] Italian
Scandale 1982 This film by George Mihalka contains both softcore and hardcore sex scenes.[136] French
Apocalipsis Sexual 1982 A film by Carlos Aured exists in both softcore (Spanish DVD) and hardcore (Italian VHS) versions.[137] Spanish
Aphrodite 1982 A film directed by Robert Fuest; it contains mostly simulated scenes and unsimulated scene that shows insertion of big toe in the vagina.[138] French
Satan's Baby Doll 1982 A hardcore version of this film by Mario Bianchi features scenes of fellatio and intercourse, performed by the actual actors in the movie - not by the body doubles which was the common practice at the time.[139] Italian
Il nano erotico 1982 A film directed by Alberto Cavallone, exists in two version: the softcore version titled Essere tenuto – Being Captured[140] and the H/C version titled Baby Sitter [released in France as Petites fesses juvéniles (pour membres bienfaiteurs)][141] Italian
My Nights with Messalina 1982 Originally entitled Bacanales Romanas, this Spanish comedy film, directed by Jaime J. Puig,[142] in its uncut version contains a hardcore clip with scenes of fellatio and penetration.[143] Spanish
Luz del Fuego 1982 This Brazilian film, directed by David Neves tells the liberal and romantic story about the controversial Brazilian vedette Luz del Fuego.[144] Film contains a scene in which the main actress rubbing up against the penis.[145] Portuguese
Perdida em Sodoma 1982 This Brazilian film, usually translated as Lost Girl in Sodom, written and directed by Nilton Nascimento[146] contains a several hardcore scenes of fellatio and penetration.[147] Portuguese
Killing of the Flesh 1983 This giallo film, directed by Cesare Canevari exists in both softcore and hardcore versions.[148] Italian
Taking Tiger Mountain 1983 A film by Tom Huckabee and Kent Smith, with Bill Paxton in the main role, contains several graphic scenes, including a brief hardcore shoot of fellatio.[149][150] English
Emmanuelle 4 1984 This film, directed by Francis Leroi and Iris Letans exists in at least two versions. The Canadian VHS contains 3 hardcore scenes, including oral sex and intercourse.[151] French
The Alcove 1985 Film by Joe D'Amato contains some real sex scenes.[152] Italian
James Joyce's Women 1985 This film, directed by Michael Pearce, is based on James Joyce's Ulysses and shows about twenty minutes of real, on camera masturbation by Fionnula Flanagan, the main actress.[153] English
Devil in the Flesh 1986 Features a short scene of fellatio, during which the man tells the woman about Lenin's return to St. Petersburg in 1917.[154][155] Italian
Emmanuelle 5 1987 This film, directed by Walerian Borowczyk, exists in at least three versions. A hardcore version was only released in France on VHS and contains scenes of intercourse, oral sex, masturbation and urination.[156] French, English
Emmanuelle 6 1988 A hardcore edit on VHS was released in France, making this version about 10 minutes longer than US DVD version.[157] French
Hotel St. Pauli 1988 This film by Svend Wam shows unsimulated oral sex.[158] Norwegian, Swedish
Kindergarten 1989 This Argentinian film, directed by Jorge Polaco was banned for 20 years (in Argentina) due to nude content involving minors, as well as because of a brief hardcore shoot of fellatio.[159] Spanish
Kinski Paganini 1989 Klaus Kinski's directorial debut. According to one reviewer: "[...] it is really extremely bizarre, in moments brutal and almost experimental film with plenty of softcore and hardcore scenes [...]"[160] Italian
トパーズ (Also known as: Tokyo Decadence and Topāzu) 1992 This film by Ryu Murakami about prostitution in Japan contains sexually explicit and graphic scenes, including explicit use of a vibrator and strap-on, as well as a urination scene. However, "Murakami didn't make this film to tickle people's libidos; he wanted to bring out the potential ugliness that can come through sex."[161] Japanese, English
The Soft Kill 1994 The DVD version of this film, directed by Eli Cohen, features penetration.[162] English
La Vie de Jésus (English title: The Life of Jesus) 1997 "In Life of Jesus, Dumont included extreme close-ups of penetration to emphasize the animal nature of the sex act."[163] French
Idioterne (English title: The Idiots) 1998 This film by Lars von Trier features extremely brief penetration and group sex.[164] Danish
L'Ennui 1998 A film by Cédric Kahn contains non-simulated sex scenes.[165] French
Fiona 1998 This film directed by Amos Kollek features a brief oral sex scene.[166] English
Jezus is een Palestijn (English title: Jesus is a Palestinian) 1999 Director Lodewijk Crijns: "From the beginning I swore that there would be a visual penetration in my film. [...] Eventually that scene made it into the film and also in a way which I think is very surprising."[167] Dutch
Romance 1999 Directed by Catherine Breillat, features male and female masturbation, fellatio, penetration, ejaculation, and sadomasochistic bondage.[168] French
Pola X 1999 "Pola X gained infamy world wide for its unsimulated sex acts between Guillaume Depardieu (Pierre) and Yekaterina Golubeva (Isabelle). Although body stand-ins were used for the most explicit parts."[169][170][171] French
La donna lupo (English title: The Man-Eater) 1999 Film by Aurelio Grimaldi contains a scene of actual fellatio.[172] Italian
Guardami 1999 Based on the life of Italian porn actress Moana Pozzi, this film directed by Davide Ferrario shows real oral sex.[173] Italian
Vampire Strangler 1999 A film by William Hellfire shows real fellatio by an actress Erin Brown.[174] English
Giulia (English title: Julia) 1999 This film by Roy Stuart shows scenes of fellatio, cunnilingus and intercourse performed by actress Anna Bielska.[175] French
Baise-moi 2000 Several actual sex scenes, including penetration and fellatio.[176] French
Scrapbook 2000 This film by Eric Stanze includes non-penetrative sex acts and an actor urinating on an actress.[177] English
Scarlet Diva 2000 A semi-autobiographical film about Italian actress and director Asia Argento's life as an actress, it contains many non-simulated sex scenes according to Argento herself.[178] English, Italian, French
Intimacy 2001 Features fellatio.[179] English
Le Pornographe (English title: The Pornographer) 2001 This film by Bertrand Bonello shows many hardcore sex scenes, including penetration.[180] French
Lucía y el sexo (English title: Sex and Lucia) 2001 This film by Julio Medem contains several real sex scenes, including penetration and fellatio from the porn movie made by one of the film's characters as well as manual stimulation of an erect penis and cunnilingus performed by and on another film's character.[181] Spanish, English
Hundstage (English title: Dog Days) 2001 The first fictional feature film by director Ulrich Seidl contains a hardcore orgy scene.[182] German
La novia de Lázaro (English title: Lazaro’s Girlfriend) 2002 This film by Fernando Merinero features about a minute-long scene of explicit fellatio.[183] Spanish
Le loup de la côte Ouest (English title: The Wolf of the West Coast) 2002 A Hugo Santiago film with recognizable stars James Faulkner and Anna Mouglalis features unsimulated sex scenes.[184] French, English
Sud sanaeha (English title: Blissfully Yours) 2002 This film, directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, contains a scene of explicit fellatio.[185] Thai
Choses secrètes (English title: Secret Things) 2002 A Jean-Claude Brisseau film about female sexuality that shows many explicit sex scenes, including public masturbation by a female character and a hardcore orgy scene. The first film of a trilogy.[186] French
Ken Park 2002 Directed by Larry Clark, this film shows both simulated and unsimulated sex scenes, such as a male masturbation and ejaculation scene.[187] English
The Brown Bunny 2003 This film by Vincent Gallo features a scene of fellatio.[188] English
Fallo! (English title: Do It! or Private) 2003 Film directed by Tinto Brass contains real fellatio.[189] Italian, French, English, Spanish
Rossa Venezia 2003 This film by Andreas Bethmann features many hardcore sex scenes, mostly lesbian.[190] German
The Principles of Lust 2003 Film by Penny Woolcock shows an orgy scene with several unsimulated sex acts, including oral sex.[191] English
Anatomie de l'enfer (English title: Anatomy of Hell) 2004 By director Catherine Breillat, it features "actual sex, high-level sex scenes and high-level themes" according to the Australian Classification Review Board.[192] French
9 Songs 2004 Several non-simulated sex scenes, including penetration, fellatio, cunnilingus and ejaculation.[176] English
Story of the Eye 2004 Based on the novel Story of the Eye by Georges Bataille, this film, directed by Andrew Repasky McElhinney contains many hardcore sex scenes.[193] English
Kärlekens språk 2000 2004 A Swedish sex educational film directed by Anders Lennberg shows many unsimulated sex scenes.[194] Swedish
Stupid Boy 2004 A film by Lionel Baier contains "strong real sex".[195] It was theatrically released in at least three countries, including France, Germany and Spain.[196] Franch
All About Anna 2005 A film directed by Jessica Nilsson, featuring intercourse performed both by Eileen Daly and Gry Bay and male actors, fellatio with ejaculation performed by Eileen Daly on Mark Stevens, cunnilingus performed by Ovidie on Gry Bay.[197] Danish
8mm 2 2005 A film directed by J. S. Cardone, featuring various erotic scenes that include complete nudity, group sex, female masturbation, oral stimulation, authentic pornography frames, and lesbian cunnilingus.[198] English
Kissing on the Mouth 2005 Film by Joe Swanberg contains a real scene of masturbation with ejaculation.[199] English
天邊一朵雲 (English title: The Wayward Cloud) 2005 This film directed by Tsai Ming-liang features fellatio and penetration.[200][201] Mandarin
Princesas 2005 This film by Fernando León de Aranoa contains a scene of explicit fellatio.[202] Spanish
Lie with Me 2005 A film by Clement Virgo, based on the novel of the same title, contains "medium-to-hardcore sex".[203] English, Spanish
Destricted 2006 This film is a compilation of seven short films made by artists and independent film-makers who were commissioned to "explore the fine line where art and pornography intersect". It "contains strong, real sex".[204] English
Shortbus 2006 Several actors perform real sexual acts including explicit masturbation, autofellatio, coitus, and fellatio.[176][205] English
Taxidermia 2006 This film, directed by György Pálfi features actual penetration.[206] Hungarian, English, Russian
Les Anges Exterminateurs 2006 The second Jean-Claude Brisseau film that explores female sexuality. It shows unsimulated female masturbation.[207] French
Auftauchen (Also known as Amour fou) 2006 Felicitas Korn's feature film debut shows several authentic sex scenes.[208] German
Ex Drummer 2007 A Flemish film, directed by Koen Mortier; it contains "strong real sex".[209] It was theatrically released in Belgium and Netherlands.[210] Dutch
It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine. 2007 This film directed by David Brothers and Crispin Glover contains actual penetration.[211] English
L'histoire de Richard O. (English title: The Story of Richard O.) 2007 This film by Damien Odoul shows numerous real sex scenes.[212] French, Finnish
Import/Export 2007 The second fictional feature film by Ulrich Seidl contains several authentic sex scenes, including female masturbation and anal fingering. The authenticity of the fellatio scene is debatable.[213] German, Slovak, Russian, English
Serbis (English title: Service) 2008 Directed by Brillante Mendoza, it shows explicit fellatio.[214] Filipino, Tagalog
Tropical Manila 2008 This film, directed by Sang-woo Lee, contain several explicit sex acts, including real fellatio.[215] Filipino, Korean
Otto; or Up with Dead People 2008 A film by Bruce LaBruce contains "strong real sex".[216] English, German
À l'aventure 2008 The third film by Jean-Claude Brisseau about female sexuality contains many explicit sex scenes, including authentic female masturbation and orgasm.[217][218] French
Amateur Porn Star Killer 2 2008 This film by Shane Ryan includes explicit scenes of penetration and oral sex. The second film of a trilogy.[219] English
Antichrist 2009 This film by Lars von Trier features a scene of penetrative vaginal intercourse, and also includes graphically violent sexual imagery. Body doubles were used to make the film.[220] English
Enter the Void 2009 This film, directed by Gaspar Noé contains some unsimulated sexual activity.[221] English, Japanese
The Band 2009 This film directed by Anna Brownfield features numerous sequences of unsimulated sex.[222] English
Dogtooth 2009 A film by Yorgos Lanthimos. "The brief real sex is used to establish the unusual and dysfunctional lifestyle that results from the isolation orchestrated by the dictatorial father, including incest."[223] Greek
Now & Later 2009 The film contains an unsimulated oral scene and a simulated sex scene.[224] English
Bedways 2010 This film by Rolf Peter Kahl shows real sex scenes, including a three-minute-long scene of masturbation.[225] German
The Bunny Game 2010 This film directed by Adam Rehmeier contains an explicit scene of fellatio.[226] English
Año bisiesto (English title: Leap Year) 2010 Film by Michael Rowe features unsimulated sex scenes.[227] Spanish
Gandu 2010 An Indian film, directed by Qaushiq Mukherjee, that contains actual sex scenes.[228] Bengali
LelleBelle 2010 This film by Mischa Kamp contain images of unsimulated penetration.[229][230] Dutch
Q (English title: Desire) 2011 A 2011 French film, directed by Laurent Bouhnik, which features several graphic unsimulated depictions of sex.[231] French
Hotel Desire 2011 This short film directed by Sergej Moya contains an unsimulated sex scene between the actors Saralisa Volm and Clemens Schick.[232] German
愛很爛 (English title: Love Actually... Sucks!) 2011 A Hong Kong film, directed by Scud, features fellatio.[233] Mandarin, Cantonese, English
Caged 2011 A 2011 Dutch film directed by Stephan Brenninkmeijer, it contains several explicit hardcore sex scenes.[234] Dutch
Léa 2011 This film, directed by Bruno Rolland, contains an unsimulated scene of cunniligus.[235] French
Starlet 2012 This film by Sean S. Baker contains a scene of penetration.[236] English
Paradise: Faith 2012 Paradise: Faith is a 2012 Austrian film directed by Ulrich Seidl, the second in his Paradise trilogy. It contains "strong real sex" including brief scenes of masturbation and fellatio.[237] German
Sexual Chronicles of a French Family 2012 A film directed by Jean-Marc Barr and Pascal Arnold contains scenes of non-simulated sexual intercourse.[238] French
I Want Your Love 2012 A feature-length film from 2012, directed by Travis Mathews contains "strong real sex" between men.[239] English
Nymphomaniac 2013 A two-part drama by Lars von Trier, the third of his loose "Depression" trilogy. To produce scenes of simulated sex, von Trier used digital compositing to superimpose the genitals of pornographic film actors onto the bodies of the film's actors.[240] Producer Louise Vesth explained during the Cannes Film Festival: "We shot the actors pretending to have sex and then had the body doubles, who really did have sex, and in post we will digital impose the two. So above the waist it will be the star and the (sic) below the waist it will be the doubles." Gainsbourg and Martin further revealed that prosthetic vaginas were used during filming. English
Pornopung 2013 A 2013 Norwegian film, directed by Johan Kaos, that features a scene of explicit fellatio.[241] Norwegian
Stranger by the Lake 2013 Directed by Alain Guiraudie, Stranger by the Lake contains scenes of unsimulated sex that were shot using body doubles.[242] French
Wetlands 2013 Film by David Wnendt contains a real scene of masturbation and ejaculation by four men on a spinach pizza. Porn actors were hired for shooting the scene.[243] German
Pasolini 2014 A film by Abel Ferrara, about the final day in the life of Pier Paolo Pasolini, shows several actual sex scenes, including fellatio.[244] English, Italian, French
Love 2015 This film by Gaspar Noé features scenes of unsimulated sexual activity and is notable as being a 3-D release.[245] English
Paris 05:59: Théo & Hugo 2016 The film opens with an 18-minute unsimulated gay orgy scene at a Paris sex club.[246][247] French
Crystal128-tv.svg This film, television or video-related list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it with reliably sourced additions.

Pornography films re-edited for mainstream release

Prior to the advent of home video, a number of hardcore pornography films were released to mainstream cinemas. In most cases, scenes of penetration were either cut out or replaced with alternate shots. One exception to this was Deep Throat, which was released uncensored.

Examples of this type of hybrid release include Alice in Wonderland (1976), shot as X-rated, but first released as an R-rated version—afterwards, the uncut version was released;[248] Café Flesh (1982)—the R-rated version of this science fiction porn film was released to mainstream cinemas;[249] Stocks and Blondes (1984), originally available as Wanda Whips Wall Street;[250] and Droid (1988), originally released as Cabaret Sin in 1987.



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