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Unst Bus Shelter, July 2004

The Unst Bus Shelter, also known as Bobby's Bus Shelter, is bus shelter and bus stop near the village of Baltasound, on the isle of Unst, Shetland, Scotland. It is maintained by the Shetland Islands Council. It is located on the main road along Unst - the A968 - which runs between Belmont and Haroldswick.

The name "Bobby's Bus Shelter" honours Bobby Macaulay, a child who used to cycle to the shelter in the mornings to catch the bus to school. The local council had plans to remove the bus shelter,[when?] but after the seven-year-old sent them a letter asking them not to and explaining that the shelter is where he kept his bike while at school, the council left it there and furnished it.[1]

The shelter is equipped with a sofa and a television. It is furnished and redecorated periodically. For example, in 2010 it was given World Cup themed decoration due to Bobby's visit to South Africa to see the 2010 FIFA World Cup.[2] and each year by local residents with a sofa, television, computer and other home comforts.


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