Unstoppable (The Planet Smashers album)

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Studio album by The Planet Smashers
Released July 5, 2005
Genre Ska
Length 39:58
Label Stomp
Producer Chris Murray
The Planet Smashers chronology

Unstoppable is the sixth full-length release from The Planet Smashers. Because both Leon Kingstone (tenor saxophone) and J.O. Begin (trombone) left after Mighty was recorded, Unstoppable features an entirely new horn section: Neil "Lonestar" Johnson (tenor saxophone) and Andrew Lattoni (trombone). It also features cameos from Big D & The Kids Table and Bedouin Soundclash.[1][2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Unstoppable" 3:08
2. "Bullets to the Ground" 2:35
3. "Do No Wrong" 2:41
4. "Cool Your Jets" 4:01
5. "Raise Your Glass" 1:52
6. "Here Come the Mods!" 2:41
7. "Blank Stare" 3:05
8. "Giants" 3:34
9. "A Revolution Song" 3:46
10. "Police the Nation" 2:38
11. "Bad Mood" 3:11
12. "Trip and Fall" 2:41
13. "This Song is for You" 2:45
14. "Looking for a Cure" 2:20


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